Welcome to a new feature at OBS. We will be doing a weekly wrap up of the news from the week before. We’ll list the highlights so you can catch up on all your favorite subjects.

Lots happened last week. We got news on The Host, Jackson Rathbone was injured on the set of Eclipse, we saw excerpts from two great books coming out soon and so much more.

Here we go, news highlights from the week of 9/20-9/26:

Woot! for The Host fans, because we found out the rights have been sold. The Host is coming to the big screen. More here

And maybe Andrew Niccol will be directing? More here

For fans of the Vampire Diaries OBS added a quiz.

And we reviewed the most recent episode, season 1 episode 3 Friday Night Bites here.

Vampire Diaries author LJ Smith also had a few things to say about the series, click here.

OBS Recap & Review Supernatural Season 5 Episode 3 here.

OBS Author Profile Kim Harrison here.

OBS Presents fantasy author Luis Royo here.

OBS weekly top ten: New Moon merchandise here.

OBS Recap & Review Dollhouse Season 2 Episode 1 here.

OBS Recap & Review Dollhouse Season 1 here.

House of Night Tempted Chapter 1 excerpt (only one month to go until the release), more here.

Jackson Rathbone was injured on the set of Eclipse, info here.

Cassandra Clare shared an excerpt from Infernal Devices Chapter 1, here.

Tom Wellington feels SUPER about Smallville Season 9, which we’ve heard is the last season. Read about it here.

We heard that there may be no Johnny Depp is Pirates 4. This news disturbed many people. More here.

The complete list for the New Moon soundtrack was released. Info here.

Also Muse will provide an exclusive remix for the soundtrack. Read it here.

Melissa Rosenberg is signed on to write the script for Breaking Dawn…click here.

HOT HOT HOT a bunch of New Moon set photos were shared by the LA Times. See them here.

OBS exclusive interview with the Hillywood Show, here.

Michael Emerson, Lost’s resident baddie, said he would like to be on True Blood, more here.

True Blood won an Emmy, can you believe it? more here.

We shared the newest book releases here, comics here, and movies here.

Best Seller list here.

We posted a character breakdown from Misti for Bella here and Jacob here.

Touched By Twilight’s top 5 NM moments here.

The Feminist Twilight Argument was Intellectualized AGAIN, read it here.

OBS Staffer Emily June did her dream cast for the House of Night Series, here.
OBS Poll of the week, who is your favorite vampire??? Vote here.

We celebrated the following birthdays this week:
David Wenham, Christian Serratos, Tom Felton, David Slade

And finally….
Friends Don’t Let Friends Date Vampires…read more here

Busy week. What was your favorite bit of news from last week? Anything that riled you up?