Episode 2 begins with Anna discussing with her mother (who has been trapped in the womb of the mother ship for 15 years) about her plans for interbreeding with the humans and her desire to quell human emotion in the process. Her mother tells her it won’t work. Anna’s daughter Lisa is the only one that is fertile and the chance for interbreeding is only possible on earth for their planet is too far away. So Anna is hell bent on making it happen.

Back down on Earth, Lisa pays a visit to Erica to tell her Joshua didn’t die and is awake and Anna is in the process of trying to extract information from him. Lisa is not sure whether Joshua is faking amnesia to protect the Fifth Column. Erica implores Lisa to find out and see if experimentations were done on pregnant women 20 years prior. (Erica wants to find out if experiments were done to her, due to her high level of phosphorus in her blood.)

Tyler comes downstairs, just having cut himself shaving, which is evident from the piece of tissue stuck to his neck. Erica helps him take it off, but when he leaves she neatly places it into a plastic baggy for further examination.

We see Erica bursting into Sid’s, (the young doc we met in last’s episode), laboratory. She asks to have Tyler’s blood sample analyzed.

Valerie’s funeral is underway and Ryan is solemn after her parents blame him for her death and accuse him of showing no emotion and having no soul. (The human soul is a recurring theme in this week’s episode.) After Valerie’s parents walk away in disgust, one of Anna’s minions hand Ryan a gadget in order to “see his daughter”.

Chad Decker is reporting the good news that the world has come to re-embrace the V’s after the whole Red Sky event. After he is done, Marcus introduces Eileen Ronick to Chad, the first human mother who will deliver her baby with V technology. Of course Marcus wants Chad to interview her to show the world how great the V’s are. Ah, but Chad knows the truth. He poses the scenario of “is it safe” right before their interview, which you know plants the seed of doubt in her head. But this is exactly what he intended.

A man is in confession with Father Jack. Jack remembers him and listens to his confession. The man tells him he found answers about the V’s on the Internet. He wants to be sure that his plight is the right thing to do. Cut scene to a timer countdown, and the man typing away on a computer. Cut back to the confessional and Jack tells the man “It’s time to fight”.

We then see the man near one of the Healing Centers. Chad Decker is nearby, he waves goodbye to the mother he just interviewed. The man from the confessional opens his coat wide, like a flasher would, but he’s far from naked. He is strapped with a bomb. A large explosion occurs and the man is no longer standing where he was.

Erica, her boss and her partner Agent Malick are at the bomb scene. Many other similar explosions have occurred around the globe in 29 cities. There seems to be a global network of bombers who are anti-V. Agent Malick says this must be the work of the Fifth Column, but Erica doesn’t agree since humans are being killed as well.

When Erica and her boss walk away from Agent Malick, Malick takes this opportunity and sneaks aside and hands over an object she found in the blast to none other than Marcus, Anna’s right hand man…er…alien.

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This episode while good was a bit slow. Besides the bombing, what really happened? Malick is revealed to be a V, but didn’t we really already assume this? Anna and her mother have a pissing contest and Ryan now turns his back on the Fifth Column. We all knew that would come to pass as well. It adds more drama. But it’s nothing too surprising.

The whole soul centric episode was a bit far fetched. I gather they inject spirituality and religion due to Father Jack’s character, but I think it does a whole hell of a lot for the story at large. Anna wants to destroy the human soul. Really?  I like to see how the writer’s come up with the “how’s” on this one. As believable as this show isn’t, this storyline doesn’t seem to help. There are so many other directions it could take, why choose this one?

Now that Malick’s scales are out of the bag…do you think she’ll be flown first class back to the mother ship or will she pop the pill of disintegration?

Why do you think this episode is titled ‘Serpent’s Tooth’?

What did you think of this episode? Let’s discuss.