Recently Caro and I noticed some forums members showing interest in our original Teaser Movie Posters post. You guys asked for it so here is another edition. I personally love doing teaser movie posters. Some of them look so real! Enjoy and please come on the forum and share your thoughts. We love hearing your suggestions! (I also need to add that this week all of our posters are coming from a very talented lady with the DA name of Skellingt0n, if you have the chance you should check out her other work!)

Graceling by ~skellingt0n

at deviantart

With this book I have no mental image of who would play each character, but I really like who she chose. What I really liked was the eyes, they are an important part of the book, and it was an element that the creator of this piece kept. It was really great to see a poster for this book, I know someone who would like to see a movie of it 🙂 (Caro)

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What do you think of this weeks Fan Art Madness?

Would these work for movie posters?