Over the years Disney has given us fairy tale after fairy tale and we’ve picked our favorites. One of those has been The Beauty and the Beast, which was the first animated movie to be nominated for an Oscar. And now after almost twenty years Disney is releasing the movie on DVD and Blu-ray, and to honor this Katie and I bring you some of our favorite Belle and Beast fan art. Enjoy!

Beauty and The Beast by ~mlen

Water colors are some of my favorite tools. They give off such a nice color, I actually almost thought this piece was done with pastels.
Either way it is wonderful. Beauty and the Beast was my favorite Disney movie as a child. I even named my cat after Belle. And I don’t know why but I have always been drawn to the rose trapped in the vase, I’ve done several pieces myself featuring it. (Katie)

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What do you think of this weeks Fan Art Madness?
Do they encompass the story well?