What are you doing to get ready for New Moon? I’m re-reading the series, but that always brings up questions. So I figured I can’t be the only one. So here are a few little known facts about New Moon.


New Moon was not the original sequel. The original, called Forever Dawn, skipped to time now covered by Breaking Dawn. When Twilight was published, Stephenie Meyer realized she needed to go back and cover Bella’s high school experience and how she got to where she was.

New Moon is the only cover without meaning. Stephenie had no input on this cover like she did with the other three.

Stephenie Meyer has said that she loosely based some of the action in her books on classic: Twilight had the feel of Pride and Prejudice, Eclipse like Wuthering Heights, and Breaking Dawn like Merchant of Venice and A Midsummer Night’s Dream. New Moon felt like Romeo and Juliet and Tristan and Islode, because she wanted to address what happened when the love of your life, the person you are meant to be with, leaves you.

Stephenie Meyer on Bella’s pain in New Moon: “So where does Bella’s pain come from?  It comes from her.  Even if I had experienced the loss of a true love, I know that my reaction would not have been like Bella’s.  She is a much less cynical person, much more open—to both pain and joy.  When writing New Moon, at first I didn’t know how she would respond to having her true love taken from her.  I was honestly surprised by the way she chose to cope with it.”

Stephenie Meyer’s favorite line in New Moon is:  “I was like a lost moon—my planet destroyed in some cataclysmic, disaster-movie scenario of desolation—that continued, nevertheless, to circle in a tight little orbit around the empty space left behind, ignoring the laws of gravity” (pg. 201, American Paperback version).

All the new Werewolves in New Moon got their names from people Stephenie knows. Jacob and Paul are her brothers, Seth is her son, and she has sisters named Heidi and Emily.

Stehenie Meyer did not know about the real city of Volterra when writing the book. She had the idea for the clocktower scene in her head (it was the first scene she write) and made up a name for the town. When she looked at a map of Italy where she wanted her city to be placed, she found a city named Volterra, which was close to the name she made up. It got even creepier when she looked at pictures and found a clocktower.

During the vote on Bella’s mortality (pg 535), Edward walks into the other room and there’s a crash. It was Edward breaking the 60 inch plasma TV.

Thanks to Twilight Lexicon and stepheniemeyer.com for help!


Unlike Twilight, New Moon was shot in Vancouver, Canada. This as to avoid over-crowding at the set (even though fans found them anyway) and because shooting in Canada is cheaper.

Real wolves were used in some scenes of New Moon, though I’m not going to tell you which. 😉

The werewolves tattoo was designed to give a visual sense of being bound together. Chris Weitz also developed a crest for the Volturi since the Cullen’s had their crest.

When they were casting the wolf pack, Chris Weitz insisted that they hire real Native American actors. They had to provide proof of their heritage.

What do you think? Did that answer some questions, or did you know everything already?