We read a lot here at OBS, and we want to share of favorites with you! So every month, we’re going to share what a few of our staffers are reading (or re-reading). This month we have OBS founder Dawn and staffer Katie’s picks!

Dawn‘s picks

Gena Showalter’s  Lords of the Underworld Series #1 The Darkest Night
– a fun adult series about the Gods punishing their offspring by tying demons to them. Lots of fun with some steamy sex involved.

Christopher Pike’s  The Last Vampire
– I love the first person narration from Alisa as she clinically describes who she is and how she got that way. Pike’s take on vampires is a bit different than the norm, but that’s what makes it so interesting.

Cate Tiernan’s Sweep Series
– a series on witches, we follow Morgan as she realizes she’s a blood witch. She learns to control her powers and use them for good. She comes across many obstacles and must carry on through heartache and pain.

Katie’s picks
Kim Harrison – The Rachel Morgan Series (or Hollows) – an action packed series about a witch Rachel Morgan and how she escapes the IS (supernatural FBI) and lives to tell the tale. But not for long. Each books someone new is trying to kill Rachel, but with the help of her friends, Ivy and Jenks, she stays alive….barely. A great series, that never gets boring. Just when you think the book is over and wont have anymore twists. The unthinkable will happen.

Patricia Briggs – Mercy Thompson Series – Mercy is a mechanic who has a secret shes a walker who turns into a coyote. Shifting into a coyote isnt easy when you live in a area full of werewolfs, and the alpha happens to live next door. I love this series, the plots are great and the characters a very well devolped. At the end of every book you feel like the characters could be your best friends.

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