Chapter 14 – 15 – By Chris

Ever knows that Ava wants to help and is just being nice, but Ever doesn’t want any of it. She has decided that her ‘gift’ is her punishment for what happened with her family. Ever hasn’t talked to Damen since the party and she is pretty upset about it all, and Riley takes notice. By Monday morning, Ever is forced into giving Miles all the details of the party and what occurred with her and Damen. He is just as disappointed as her, and feels pity for her situation. First period brings the old Damen back, all too cool and hanging all over Stacia…like their kiss never happened.

At lunch Ever finally has to see Haven for the first time since the party. Ever is completely taken back when she notices that Haven has changed her hair style, eye color, and her wardrobe…all in favor of Drina. But even more shocking than that, is now of the sudden Haven is 100% over Damen and isn’t mad at Ever for hooking up with…

Chapter 15

Late that night Damen calls begging to come over to Ever’s house, wanting to see her badly. Ever knows its way too late for that, but enjoys the fact that he sounds so desperate. Damen almost convinces Ever, but she stands her ground knowing that the tables have turned. Ever denies his plea’s and even passes on his offer to drive her to school the next day.

The morning brings the Damen that first attracted Ever to him, he saves her the very best parking spot…next to his. They walk to class together, and he ignores Stacia’s attempt to get his attention, but after all the good treatment, Ever still can’t help but feel jealousy towards Drina. She questions him about her, and he tries to explain but gives up. He instead offers that he will make it all up to her, and so after lunch they ditch class and he has a surprise for her…



1. Why do you think Damen is back to his ‘player’ self?
2. Why do you think suddenly, Haven is ok with Damen and Ever being together?
3. Do you think Ever should give in so easily? What would you do in this kind of position?


1. This horrible gift is what I deserve for all the harm that I’ve caused, for lives I cut short. – Ever page 89
2. “She’s kinda of a, well, you know, a B with an itch.” – Riley page 91
3. “Was it as awesome as we all dreamed it would be?” – Miles page 92
4. You’re strictly a tulip girl – a red tulip girl.” – Damen page 95

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