Chapter 4-6
By Katie

Riley helped Ever remember her past and she helped Ever realize that the life she is living now isn’t so bad. And she should appreciate the things Sabine buys her. Ever now lives for the time she gets to spend with her sister, even though they still argue like they used to, she knows she can look forward to spending time with Riley. Although every once in awhile, Ever mentions there parents and asks when she can see them. This of course upsets Riley and then she punishes Ever by not coming to visit for awhile. Ever and Riley head to school, but when Miles gets to the car, Riley disappears. When they get to school, Haven finds out about Ever and Damens little run in, and she becomes concerned that Ever might be a threat. But Ever lets her know that she is no threat at all because she does not like Damen at all. And while she is declaring this to Haven, Damen just happens to be right behind her. They head in to the class room and Damen gives Ever back her copy of Wuthering Heights. Briefly Damen’s hand touches Evers and she ‘hears’ absolutely nothing. At first she thought she was just imagining it. But a few minutes later he again touches her hand and asks what she is listening to on her I-pod. And that is when she realizes that whenever Damen touches her everything goes silent, she is amazed by it.

When Ever got to lunch, she noticed that Damen was sitting at the table. They talked for a little while, found out that Damen and Ever both lived in Oregon. And then Damen asked how Ever ended up in California and she started to get nervous.
She doesn’t like talking about the car accident, so she just told him it was a long story. Ever was so nervous that her hands started to get sweaty and her water bottle slipped out of her hands, but just in time Damen caught the bottle. Ever
couldn’t help but notice how fast he moved, it was almost a blur. When lunch is done Ever asked why was Damen sitting at the table and that’s when she found out that Miles invited him to come to Ever’s house later tonight. Ever couldn’t believe Miles would do that. So after Haven was done with one of her meetings everyone would be coming over, now all that Ever had to worry about was making sure she didn’t touch Damen at all.


Quotes –
“Please, like Sabine wouldn’t hand over her credit card and tell you to have at it. And whats with the hood? You in a gang?” – Riley, page 23

“Uh, because we’re not worthy? Because he really is too good to be true?”- Haven, page 23

“I was raised by a drag queen and a romance novelist.” – Miles, page 28

“Nothing sinister, no evil plot to embarrass you.” – Miles, page 30

“Unless – of course- you’re gay.” – Miles, page 36

“Mom and Dad send their love.” – Riley, page 40

Questions –
Why do you think Riley pushes Ever so hard to enjoy what she has?

If Ever likes not being able to hear peoples thoughts, why do you think Ever doesn’t like Damen touching her?

Why would ever try to please Sabine now and dress up? Why not dress up everyday?