This month, OBS is happy to present “Evermore”, the first book of “The Immortals” series by Alyson Noel as our Book Club! Here are the first three chapters, and we hope you enjoy!

Chapter 1-3
By Katie

Ever used to lead a normal life. She was popular, a varsity cheerleader and about to enter her Junior year of high school. But now she was considered a loser, she wore over sized hoodies and didn’t care much about her appearance. A near death experience left Ever with the ability to ‘hear’ people. She can know someones life story with even the slightest touch. Like when Haven touches Ever’s cheek, with out even looking she knows how Haven’s hair is parted, the fact that her corset is over her turtle neck, her new satin skirt already has a hole in it, and that even though her eyes appear to be gold; she really just has contacts in. Ever tries to avoid contact with people at all costs. She doesn’t like the fact that she knows that Havens dad isn’t away on business, or that her mom has a very ‘personal’ personal trainer. To avoid Havens thoughts, along with her other school mates, Ever puts her I-pod on full blast; right until her teacher walks in.

Mr. Robins finally walked in to the class room. So Ever had to turn off her music, but she did keep her hood up. Mr. Robins introduced a new student, Damen. This sent the room in to a frenzy of, he’s so hot. And the worst part was, the teacher told Damen to sit next to Ever and share her book for now. she was just counting down the minutes until the bell was going to ring. At lunch all her friends Haven and Miles could talk about was Damen, Ever just couldn’t get away from this kid. He even had her 6th hour art class. Which she learned from her art teacher that Damen parked next to her. As Miles and Ever headed out to her car, Miles begged Ever to just take a look at Damen. And then she would know why everyone was freaking out about him. But she couldn’t bring herself to do it, until Miles ran up and took her sunglasses and pulled her hood down. It was then that she allowed herself a look and boy did she freak out. But not because he was unbelievably gorgeous, but because he had no color around him. You see after her accident Ever has been able to see the auras of people, along with her their thoughts. She couldn’t get over the fact that she couldn’t see Damen’s aura. Because the only auras she can’t see are dead peoples.


“Is it Mrs. Marilyn Manson?” – Ever, page 2

“What the? I mean, can it be any louder? And who is that?” – Haven. page 2

“Gaydar, and trust me, this guy does not register.” – Haven, page 9

“Sorry about my friend here, she usually has her hood on.” – Miles, page 11

Questions –
Why do you think Ever just let herself go, and wont even try to be ‘pretty’ anymore?

Why wouldn’t Ever even look at Damen?

Why do you think Damen doesn’t have an aura?

Do you think maybe Riley is trying to avoid telling Ever what there parents are up to?