Chapters 7 – 9 by Caro

Chapter Seven – The Will of Albus Dumbledore

Harry woke up that morning with a dream fresh in his mind; he had been walking along a mountain road looking for a man named Gregorovitch, but it had just been the connection he had with Voldemort.

It was Harry’s birthday and the first gift he received was from Ron, who gave him a book with the title “Twelve Fail-Safe Ways to Charm Witches”, Mr and Mrs. Weasley gave him a watch; Hermione got him a new Skeakscope and Bill and Fleur an enchanted razor. But the most important for him must’ve been Ginny’s kiss. Later that night Mrs. Weasley invited Tonks, Lupin and Hagrid for dinner and several tables were placed for everyone and bewitched lanterns with large seventeens adorned the night. He also received a box of the latest Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes and a Mokeskin pouch from Hagrid that could hide anything he wanted. Everything was going perfectly until an unexpected visit of the Minister of Magic, Rufus Scrimgeour, who asked to talk with Harry, Ron and Hermione in private. Once inside he asked to talk first with Ron, but Harry demanded he talk with all without secrets. Scrimgeour told them about Dumbledore’s will and what he had left them. To Ron his Deluminator, to Hermione his copy of The Tales of Beedle the Bard, and to Harry the first Snitch he caught in his first game along with Godric’s sword which the Minister did not give him claiming that it was an important historical artifact. The Minister tried badly to figure out what they were up to and what Dumbledore had told them.

Before going to sleep they talked about what all the objects meant and why Dumbledore had left them in their care without more instructions. It was even weird that there was a book Hermione had never heard of but Ron did. And when Harry touched the Snitch with his lips words appeared forming the phrase “I open at the close”.

Chapter Eight – The Wedding

The Weasleys had disguised Harry as a redhead muggle boy from the local village and introduced him as “Cousin Barny” to all the wedding guests. While Harry was helping people to their seats only Tonks and Lupin recognized him, plus Luna, who was with her father Xenophilius Lovegood. Harry also met Ron’s, Auntie Muriel, who was criticizing everything and everyone right and left. Before the ceremony started Ron and Harry met with Hermione who was wearing a floaty, lilac-colored dress, and to their surprise Viktor Krum appeared as a one of Fleur’s guests.

The time to all sit down came and soon the music could be heard. Bill and Charlie took their places at the front and then Fleur, in a simple white dress, came walking up the aisle with her father. Behind them Ginny and Gabrielle. Harry also noticed that the man who had presided at Dumbledore’s funeral was the one now marrying Bill and Fleur. Once the ceremony was over the seats rose into the air letting tables and a floor dance appear. Ron asked Hermione to dance, leaving Harry behind with Luna. Awhile later Krum appeared asking him if he knew Mr. Lovedgood, apparently he was made about Xenophilius wearing Gindelwald’s sign, which was something in the shape of a triangular eye. At that moment Harry remembered where it was he knew the name of Gregorovitch from; Krum’s wand had been made by him and now Voldemort was looking for him.





Rufus Scrimgeour

Cousin Barny/Harry

Auntie Muriel

Elphias Doge

Victor Krum

Xenophilius Lovegood







George and Fred




Wedding guest


Thorfinn Rowle




What do you think of the Weasleys celebrating Harry’s birthday knowing of the circumstances and events of the moment?

What did you think of Ron knowing of a book Hermione didn’t?

What do you think is the purpose of the things that Dumbledore left the trio?

What do you think the phrase “I open at the close” in the Snitch means?

What did you think of Harry being disguised as “Cousin Barny”?

What did you think about Krum being mad about Xenophilius’ sign and his connection Harry’s Gregorovitch dream?

What are your thoughts of all this stories about Dumbledore emerging after his death and Bathilda telling them?

What was your impression of the talking Patronus?

Why do you think the Death Eaters appeared at the wedding and not minutes later after Harry turned seventeen?

What do you think of Hermione’s quick thinking taking Harry and Ron away and not waiting to receive an order from Lupin or anyone else?

Why do you think the trio found the trio at the café?

Should Harry cut his connection with Voldemort like Hermione tells him?