Chapters 4 – 6 by Caro

Chapter Four – The Seven Potters

If it were a different moment, Harry would’ve used his free time alone at the Dursley’s house to play with Dudley’s computer, eat something tasty or watch T.V, but that just felt like an overwhelming feeling. He even took a last look at the place he used to sleep under the stairs. A roar from outside indicated him that Hagrid and the others had arrived, which he didn’t expect to be that many. Mad-Eye growled the change of plans and Harry led Ron, Hermione, Fred, George, Bill, Fleur, Mr. Weasley, Tonks, Lupin, Kingsley, Hagrid and Mundungus into Aunt Petunia’s tinny kitchen. At the first chance Tonks had she happily told Harry about her quiet marriage to Lupin and how much she would have liked to have him there. Mad-Eye told him that since he was still underage the only way out of there was flying. An advantage was that You-Know-Who didn’t know he would be leaving that night, so as soon as he didn’t consider the Dursley’s house, home, he’d free himself from Lily’s charm. They would be heading toward safe places like Mad-Eye’s house, Kingsley’s and others. Harry didn’t agreed much with the idea of having his friends disguised as seven Potters, but gave some of his hair to put into Hermione’s Polyjuice potion that turned a bright gold. Immediately Ron, Hermione, Fred, George, Fleur and Mundungus turned into a perfect replica of Harry.

Mundungus would be traveling with Mad-Eye, Fred with his father, George with Remus, Fleur with Bill, Hermione with Kingsley, Ron with Tonks, and Harry would be going with Hagrid to Tonks’ parent’s house in Sirius’s bike where a Portkey was waiting for them. All together rise up into the sky leaving Privet Drive behind barely visible at that height, when out of nowhere screams and green lights struck the night sky. The bike rolled over and Harry’s rucksack, Hedwig and Firebolt fell out, only being able to save the first two, but out of nowhere again a jet of green light past near Harry heating Hedwig, killing her instantly. Harry could not believe what was happening and yelled to Hagrid to go back. The Death Eaters were chasing them sending curse after curse making it impossible for Harry to see where the others had gone to. The sky was filled with green and red light flying everywhere. Hagrid pushed one of the bikes buttons and dragon fire burst from the exhaust. More Death Eaters came after them and Harry recognized one as Stanley Shunpike who immediately recognized Harry too, after he sent an Expelliarmus spell. At that moment the Death Eaters disappeared. When they thought they were safe, Harry’s scar burned, and two Death Eaters appeared sending more spells, but what shocked Harry was that Voldemort was also there flying out of thin air without the help of a broomstick or threstral. Hagrid launched himself to one of the Death Eaters and between all the fighting; Harry found the dragon fire button and pushed it going after the falling Hagrid. They were going to crash. He saw Voldemort prepared to send a killing curse toward him and then… he vanished moments before Harry and Hagrid crashed into a muddy pond.

Chapter Five – Fallen Warrior

Harry crawled out of the pond stumbling toward Hagrid. Before everything went black he heard voices shouting that they had crashed in the garden. Harry woke up and immediately looked for Hagrid again noticing that his injuries had been healed. A man, named Ted Tonks, told him that everything was fine, but his comfort disappeared when Harry told him that Death Eaters and Voldemort had chased them. Harry found out that the protective charms were the ones that had made Voldemort vanish. Hagrid came into the room and behind him was a woman whom Harry recognized instantly. She looked so much like her sister Bellatrix, but once he had a good look, Harry could tell the difference between her and Andromeda, Tonks’s mom. Andromeda was worried about her daughter after Hagrid told them about the ambush, making Harry feel terrible and uncomfortable for not knowing the safety of his friends. Ted showed them to the Portkey which glowed indicating that it was time to go. Harry and Hagrid landed on the Weasley’s yard immediately being greeted by Mrs. Weasley and Ginny, who informed them that they were the first ones to come back. Not much later Lupin appeared with a bleeding George, who as soon as he had put in a sofa graved Harry by the arm asking him questions to confirm if he was the real Harry. They had been betrayed. Harry told him all that had happened with the Death Eaters, Stan and Voldemort. Then Hermione and Kingsley appeared who too questioned Lupin to confirm. Lupin later told them that Snape had cursed George, cutting off his ear. The next to return were Mr. Weasley and Fred, and then by broom Ron and Tonks who ran instantly to Lupin’s arms. The last to arrive were Bill and Fleur who unfortunately told them that Mad-Eye had been killed.






Fred and George



Mr. Weasley







The Dursleys




Ted Tonks




Mr. and Mrs. Delacour


What are you thought of Harry taking a look at the lonely house and remembering all those years?

What do you think of Hedwig being the first to die?

What do you think about knowing that Voldemort could fly? Have any theories for this?

Did you ever think that Stan (from the night bus) could really be part of the Death Eaters?

When you read the title “Fallen Warrior” did you imagine one of the Order’s members dead? Who and why?

What was the first impression you had of Andromeda?

How did you feel about hearing of Mad-Eye’s death?

Who do you think betrayed them?

What do you think about Harry wanting to leave so quickly after all they had been through to protect them?

What do you think happened to Mad-Eye’s body?

What do you think of Hermione’s and Ron’s plans to kip their families safe?

What do you think of Hermione and Ron never thinking twice on helping and going with Harry?

Hermione seems to be taking a lot of books on her journey, what would you take on a trip like this?

Anymore thoughts about these chapters that you have?