Chapters 13 -15 By Dawn

Chapter 13 The Muggle-Born Registration Commission

The Death Eaters are questioning everyone accused of being a Mud-blood. Harry separates from Ron and Hermione and heads to find Umbridge’s office. Harry searches her office, getting angrier by the minute. He is unable to locate the locket so he goes to find the others. In the elevator he sees Ron and then Mr Weasley gets on too.

Harry feels the Dementors as he heads to find Hermione. Harry watches Umbridge and Yaxley interrogate Mud-bloods. He gets so annoyed that he stupefies Umbridge and Yaxley!

Harry tells everyone set to be questioned that they should go into hiding with their families. Despite being in a dangerous situation, Harry is determined to get all of them out of the Ministry. Harry grabs Hermione’s hand but when he sees the door to Grimmauld Place, there’s a scream and then darkness as Hermione’s hand becomes vice-like.

Chapter 14 The Thief

When Harry awakens, he disoriented and see Rob’s foot. He looks around and sees that Ron and Hermione are there laying on the forest floor. Ron is stuck half-way between looking like himself and his disguise used to get into the Ministry.

After healing Ron, Hermione explains what happened. She accidentally led Yaxley to Grimmauld Place.

The 3 of them set up camp near where the Quidditch World Cup was held. Harry reveals he has the locket. They’re not sure exactly how to destroy it, but they know it must be opened first.

Later, Harry’s scar bothers him and he is again watching a conversation between Voldemort and Gregoravitch. In the vision, Harry sees that someone stole “it” from Gregoravitch, and Harry thinks he has seen the thief somewhere before.

Chapter 15 The Goblin’s Revenge

The next day the group decides they shouldn’t stay in one place for very long. They have no food and it begins to wear on them as they argue.

Once they find food, their moods lighten. They discuss where the missing horcruxes might be. They search the orphanage but decide Hogwart’s isn’t a probably possibility.

As the weeks past, they bicker but stick together. One day, Harry hears voices and they realizes Goblins are around their camp. They overheard them discussing that someone tried to steal a sword from Snape’s office at Hogwarts.

They summon Phineas Nigellus to ask about the sword. While questioning him, they realize the real sword can destroy the horcruxes. And Harry realizes that Dumbledore hid the real sword for him to find. Harry, Ron and Hermione wonder where the sword might be hidden. They bat around ideas but again the horcrux affects them and they bicker and bicker until Ron decided to leave.


1. How do you feel about the interrogation of Mud-bloods?
2. Who do you think the “thief” might be?
3. Why do you think the Weasley’s wanted Snape’s sword?
4. Where do you think the sword is hidden?
5. What did you think of Ron leaving Harry and Hermione?