Chapters 10 & 11 by ifellhard

Chapter 10 – Scent

Chapter 11 – Legends


Jacob comes over to Bella’s to get the scent of the unknown vampire and Bella comments on his lack of clothing. Jacob explains the logistics of clothing and phasing to her – how his clothing doesn’t change with him. Like Edward, Jacob is very disturbed by the visitor’s scent being in Bella’s bedroom. After picking up the scent, Jacob talks to Bella, he helps her dry the dishes and asks her what it’s like to have a vampire for a boyfriend and asks her when she is going to be changed. She tells him that it will happen after graduation. Upset by this revelation, he cuts his hand on a knife that he’s drying. Bella freaks out over the cut, urging him to go to the ER. Jacob is unfazed and shows Bella how quickly he heals because of his supernatural abilities. She bleaches everything and Jacob asks her about being OCD. She comments on being sensitive to blood in her house. Jacob then asks her what it’s like having a werewolf as a best friend. Jacob hugs her, comments on how she reeks of vampire, and urges her to ask permission from Edward to come for a visit to La Push for a bonfire.

When Edward returns, he brings in the mail which includes an acceptance letter to Dartmouth. He tries to talk her into waiting until she finishes one year at Dartmouth, pointing out how proud Charlie and Renee would be. Bella refuses, asking what he did to get her in, and tells him that she’s sending all of her money to U of Alaska the next day. Bella starts working on the laundry and asks Edward to find out what Alice did with her stuff, pointing out that Alice cleaned her room. Edward asks her when she noticed her things missing and notes that all of the things that are missing have Bella’s scent. They realize that the visiting vampire took things that would prove that he/she found Bella.

Edward gets a call from Carlisle and picks up the paper to read about more murders in Seattle and their thoughts that it’s more than one newborn. They decide to talk to Jasper because of his experience in dealing with newborn vampires. Edward tells Bella that he overheard the invitation to La Push and tells her that she doesn’t need his permission and concedes that the pack should be able to protect her for one evening. He agrees to drive her to the treaty line, giving her a cell phone to call him at the end of the night. They head back to the Cullen house where Edward shows her the Ducati that he bought to go riding with Bella. After realizing that this is something that she does with Jacob because she doesn’t slow Jacob down, he decides to give the bike to Jasper but makes Bella wear the helmet and jacket that he bought for her. Edward loads her motorcycle into his car for her to take it back to La Push and takes her to the treaty line.



“Is it really so impossible to wear clothes, Jake?” – Bella, page 215

“Does my being half-naked bother you?” – Jacob, page 216

“I didn’t stab him,” I explained as I worked. “He forgot he had a knife in his hand.”

Edward chuckled. “That’s not nearly as fun as the way I imagined it.” – Bella and Edward, page 224

“It gets easier. After a few decades, everyone you know is dead. Problem solved.” – Edward, page 226

“Hey, vampire girl!” – Embry, page 240

“Besides…the more time I spend with you, the more human emotions seem comprehensible to me. I’m discovering that I can sympathize with Heathcliff in ways I didn’t think possible before.” – Edward, page 265

The three words that had caught my eye were “drank his blood.”

I shuddered. – Bella, page 266


Edward realizes that Bella’s missing things all have her scent and speculates that it’s for evidence that they found her. Did you agree with this theory? If not, what theory did you have at this point?

Bella notes that Sue, Seth, and Leah Clearwater are all in attendance at the bonfire and speculates that they are all members of the council since Harry’s death. Were you surprised by them being at the bonfire? What significance did you associate with it?

What did you think about the Quileute legends? Why do you think that Bella was so fixated on the story of the third wife?

Edward tells Bella how he finds himself able to better sympathize with Heathcliff after spending so much time with her and getting better acquainted with his human emotions. What do you think is driving him to have this shift in his mindset?