Chapters 21-22 By Katie

Chapter 21 The Werewolf’s Tale
Part Three – The Descent Beckons

Luke tells Clary the story of his past and how he became a werewolf. Starting with when he first met Valentine and how he rescued him and turned him in to a great shadowhunter. Then going in to when he started noticing a change in Valentine and how Valentine was determined to destroy all downworlders who had done wrong doing. He finally had gotten to the point where he was turned, Valentine and him where trying to clean out the weres who had killed Valentine’s father, when the pack leader bit Luke, Valentine locked Luke up in his cellar until the full moon to find out if Luke was now a werewolf. When he began changing the night of the full moon, Valentine took Luke out to the middle of the forest and gave him a dagger and told him to kill himself because he himself could not bring himself to do it. Luke set out to find the wolf pack that had turned him, in the night he killed the leader and according to the rules, made him the new pack leader. One night Jocelyn found him, they then started meeting secretly rallying up all of the other downworlders. Preparing for the big battle to come, in the end many had died, but a peace treaty was formed. When Jocelyn got back to her family home, it had been set on fire, her mother, father, and child had been killed. Knowing that she was carrying another child, she made the decision to leave and become a mudane. Leaving Luke and her old life behind her. After going about his life, Luke soon realized that he was not happy and set out to find Jocelyn.

Chapter 22 – Renwick’s Ruin

Clary doesn’t know what to make of Luke’s story. She knows it must be true, but she can’t believe that she had been lied to all those years. The guy that she thought was her father wasn’t and the guy that really is her father is a monster. Knowing that dwelling on this now wont help her she dives right back in to finding out where Valentine could be. Hodge had mentioned that there where only two portals, she knows that Valentine came through the Renwick one. But when Luke searched through the phone book he couldn’t find anything that was useful. Clary ended up calling Simon to do a little research for her and found out that there used to be a mental institution called Renwick. Luke said that the island it is on used to be owned by a shadowhunter family.

Luke got his pack ready for battle and headed off to the island, things where intense out side why they fought to get in. Once inside the building Luke and Clary went off to find Joceyln, she was laying still in a bed unable to move because of the spell that was put on her and the chains wrapped around her feet and wrists. Two of Valentines minions came in Luke killed the one and told Clary to run as he battle with the other. Trying to find a place to hide, Clary ended up wondering in to a room and finding Jace. Where she finds out that Valentine is Jace’s father.

Why do you think Valentine gave Luke his fathers dagger to kill himself with?

Jocelyn knowing how Valentine is really like, do you think she should have went behind his back and helped Luke start an alliance with all the downworlders? Do you think she thought there would be no consequences?

If Valentine already had a spell that left Jocelyn unconscious why would he need to chain her up?

Jace isn’t the gullible type, so why do you think he believed Valentine so easily that he is his father?