A few days ago we told you HERE what novel series should become films. And today I want to tell you what actors I would cast for the first series – The ‘House of Night’ series by P.C. and Kristin Cast.
I hope you enjoy it!


First we have the leading actress – Zoey Redbird, she is a special fledgeling of Cherokee ancestry with hazel eyes and long strong black hair. Zoey has high cheekbones, wide mouth, long strong nose, and olive-toned skin. I think Tinsel Korey would be great for this role.


Next is Zoeys human (ex-)boy-friend – Heath Luck, the all-american-high-school-darling, he is tall, with high cheekbones and strong chin. I’d love to see Kellan Lutz playing him – well trained and wonderful obsessed.


Third is Erik Night – Zoeys ‘House of Night’-(ex-)boy-friend, the gorgeous soon-to-be-vampire. The tall sapphire blue-eyed, most wonderful guy at school with dark hair in ‘Superman’-curls … and thanks to another vampire-series I only can imagine Robert Pattinson for this role.


 Let’s go on with Zoeys friends – first her BFF Stevie Rae Johnson. She loves her roper jeans, cowgirl boots and all-thing’s Okie. Stevie Rae has short blond curly hair and a round face. I want Taylor Swift playing her.


Next of the ‘nerd-herd’ is Shaunee Cole – part one of the twins I think Nikki Reed could play. With a skin of light cappuccino, curvy figure, puty lips, high cheekbones, thick hair which is falling in deep, glossy waves around her shoulders and black eyes.


Part two of the twins is Erin Bates – the pretty girl with blonde hair and blue eyes … I think Alyson Hannigan would be great for this part.


The ‘male’-part of Zoeys friends is Damien Maslin – the gay-boy with big brown eyes in a smooth face and dark brown hair … please welcome Eric Szmanda.

And Damiens boyfriend – Jack Twist with tousled, sandy blonde hair could be played by Matt Czuchry.


First I read about her and I had only one face in my head – talking about Aphrodite LaFonte, the blonde frist enemy and now friend of Zoey, is to me talking about amazing Liza Weil.


And Aphrodites crush Darius one of the ‘Sons of Erebus’, he is big and muscular – sounds just like Tom Welling.


 Before I want to cast the Professors I also want to tell you whom I want to be James Stark. The boy who can’t miss a target with messy sandy colored hair. The fledgling who is cute, medium tall, thin but muscular, with a strong chin, a straight nose, nice lips and who is intense and confident. Just three words: wonderful Tom Felton.

Okay, let’s go on with Neferet. Her beauty is unusual, even among the ultra-gorgeous vampyres – like a movie-star. She has almond-shaped, mossy-green eyes and her body is strong but curvy. Just like Angelina Jolie.


Professor Loren Blake aka Poet Laureate. He is incredibly handsome, even for a vampyre and has dark almost black eyes. And I want James Marsters playing him.


Professor Patricia Nolan – the highly popular drama instructor with long, straight, brunette hair and a athletic pear-shaped body should be casted with Ann Hathaway.

Professor Penthesilia, with long, reddish-blonde hair, big hazel eyes and a curvy body … sounds to me like Emily Blunt.


Professor Dragon Lankford – the Fencing instructor with blond hair pulled back into a low ponytail and a cute face with a warm smile. What do you think about James or Oliver Phelps (sorry, I can’t decide which one is better ;))?


Lenobia, the equestrian professor, described with thick, white-blonde hair and slate gray eyes … I think about Emily Procter.


And last but not least I want to cast Reese Witherspoon being Nyx, the goddess.

What do you all think? Is my casting a nice one – do you agree with the actors I chose? Or any other ideas that fits better? Please tell me – thank you!