We all know Peter Jacksons’ great movie series ‘Lord of the Rings’. It’s an adaption of a wonderful book series writen by J.R.R. Tolkien. And of course, Mr. Jackson did great in casting the characters. But let’s get away from this. Let our imagination run a little wild. Let’s imagine J.R.R. Tolkiens trilogy ‘Lord of the Rings’ would become a musical. Let’s imagine further this musical would’ve been casted during the 80’s. The time so much new kind of music came up and so many great bands where there. (Yes, I grew up during that time and still think that kind of music is wonderful and great!) So perhaps, the following famous singers could be on stage in this musical.
And because the books and the movies had been a trilogie I’ll do that casting also in three parts. 😉

The Fellowship

Frodo – Limahl
First Limahl was singer of ‘Kajagoogoo’, later he started his solo-carrier. His most famous solo-song was ‘Neverending Story’, the theme of the same named movie – which by the way was also a very good book adaption (originally writen by Michael Ende).

Samweis – George Michael
One of the duo ‘Wham!’ George Michael and Andrew Ridgeley’s most famous songs are ‘Last Christmas’ and ‘Wake Me Up Before You Go Go’. Later George Michael also started a successful solo carrier.

Meriadoc – Holly Johnson
Holly Johnson was the singer of ‘Frankie goes to Hollywood’. The most famous songs of the english electro-pop-band are ‘Relax’, ‘Two Tribes’ and ‘The Power of Love’.

Pippin – Rick Astley
The british singer was one act of 80th most popular producers Stock-Aitken-Waterman (they also managed Kylie Minogue and Samantha Fox). Rick Astley was well known for the euro-disco-sound and his 1st single ‘Never Gonna Give You Up’ and the 2nd ‘Whenever You Need Somebody’ got number one in many countries.

Aragorn – Simon le Bon
He is the lead-singer of 80th most popular british-pop-bands ‘Duran Duran’. They had so much great and successful songs – like ‘Hungry Like the Wolf’, ‘Wild Boys’, ‘A Few To A Kill’ (theme of the ‘James Bond’ movie starring Timothy Dalton and Grace Jones) and ‘Notorious’ – and they’d been my heroes.

Gimli – Jon Bon Jovi
Initiator and lead-singer of ‘Bon Jovi’ – one of the best great hair-rock-band of the 80th. Untill today Jon Bon Jovi and his band are very popular. Here are a few of their songs everyone knows: ‘You Give Love a Bad Name’, ‘Living on a Prayer’, ‘Bad Medicine’ and ‘I’ll Be There for You’.

Legolas – Andy Bell
Andy Bell was the singer of ‘Erasure’. He and Vince Clark (original member of ‘Depeche Mode’) made synthie-pop very popular. Andys voice is unique and wonderful – and only he could bring songs like ‘Oh L’amour’, ‘Sometimes’ or ‘Ship Of Fools’ to life – which still gives me goosebumps.

Boromir – Matt Goss
The Band ‘Bros’ – Matt and his brother Luke Goss plus Craig Logan had been a popular brit-pop-band. Their most popular songs are ‘When Will I Be Famous’ and ‘Drop the Boy’.

Gandalf – David Lee Roth
He was lead-singer of the hard-rock-band ‘Van Halen’ for many years. Next to his incredible voice he was famous for bizarre gigs. As solo-singer his well known songs are ‘California Girls’, ‘Just a gigolo’ and ‘Coconut Grove’.

What do you think about this casting? Do you agree or would you have cast someone else who was a famous singer during the 80s? Let us know what you think. HERE – thank you!
And stay tuned, part two – featuring Bilbo, Gollum and the Elves – will be online soon.