Todays Casting Couch is brought to you from OBS staff member Katie.
After an accident that left Ever Bloom with out her parents, she went to go live with her aunt. Now with a permanent scar, Ever can hear peoples thoughts, see their auras, and with one simple touch, she can know their whole life story. Ever tried to avoid contact with people as much as possible, but when she met Damen Auguste, everything changed.

Ever Bloom is a 16 year old blond, with a extremely complicated life.
It was very hard for me to cast her, I went through several people until I found Dianna Agron and I believe she could do Ever justice.

Riley Bloom sadly didn’t make it through the car accident. But never left Ever, she would visit everyday and even got Ever to start acting like herself.
Jennette Michelle Faye McCurdy is well known for her role on I-Carly. On the show she plays one tough cookie and playing Riley could give her a new angle to play.

Aunt Sabine is a single all work no play kind of women. She takes on the job of being Evers guardian.
Candace Cameron Bure would play Sabine wonderfully.

Damen Auguste is a mysterious dark haired guy, who loves his combat boots. He is the very first Immortal and has been inlove with Ever since the first time he met her.
Who could play Damen better than Avan Jogia, who also loves him some combat boots.

Roman who is introduced later in the series, came into the story to stir up some trouble. But somehow he has everyone under his charm.
Alex Pettyfer just looks like he could play the bad boy well.

Miles is a real drama queen. He loves acting and talking to his crushes. You can often find him texting and he’s one of Evers only friends.
I’m very interested in seeing what Brando Eaton, could bring to this character.

Haven is Evers other friend, she dresses like a goth. Until she befriends a girl named Drina, but that friendship goes down hill when she turns out to be a pawn in Drinas game to get back at Ever.
I really enjoy Chelsea Hobbs acting skills and I know she would be awesome playing Haven.

Jude Knight is just a boy Ever mets while looking for a Job. She ends up getting one at the shop where Jude works and they slowly get drawn to each other. Even though they had just met, Ever feels like she has known Jude forever.
Austin Robert Butler has all the right looks, specially the surfer look down, which is perfect for Jude.

Drina is very much obsessed with Damen and will stop at nothing to have him. As we learn she will even commit murder to do get him.
Emma Roberts plays the good girl in every role she gets. Drina would be some new and fresh for her to do.

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