Todays casting couch is brought to us by OBS staff memeber Erin. She is casting ‘The Historian’.
The story opens in Amsterdam in 1972, when a teenage girl discovers a medieval book and a cache of yellowed letters in her diplomat father’s library. The pages of the book are empty except for a woodcut of a dragon. The letters are addressed to: “My dear and unfortunate successor.” When the girl confronts her father, he reluctantly confesses an unsettling story: his involvement, twenty years earlier, in a search for his graduate school mentor, who disappeared from his office only moments after confiding to Paul his certainty that Dracula–Vlad the Impaler, an inventively cruel ruler of Wallachia in the mid-15th century–was still alive. The book goes back and forth between his search for Dracula, and the girls search for her father-who has suddenly gone missing.

Helen: Olga Kurylenko
She’s sassy enough to play Helen, and she already has the accent.

Narrator: Sarah Bolger

Paul: Ron Livingston
Someone cute, but in a geeky sort of way.

Professor Bartholomew Rossi: Maury Chaykin

The Librarian: Paul Bettany
No one does pale and creepy like Paul Bettany.

Turgut Bora: Kunal Nayyar

Barley: Rupert Grint
I always pictured Prince Harry here, and he’s the closest actor to him.

Dracula: John Leguizamo

Eva Orban: Megan Mullally

Géza Jósef: Liev Schreiber

What do you all think? Is Erins casting a nice one – do you agree with the actors she chose? Or any other ideas that fits better? Please tell us here – thank you!