With just 3 days away from the third installment of The Twilight Saga: Eclipse to hit theaters, OBS  is bring you even more special features of your favorite vampires and wolves. On previous posts we brought you our cartoon and 90’s version of Twilight and now OBS Staff member Angie brings you the Twilight 80s Brat Pack Edition. Enjoy!

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Bella Swan – Phoebe Cates

Edward Cullen – Andrew McCarthy

Jacob Black – Emilio Estevez

Emmett Cullen – Brad Pitt

Jasper Hale – James Spader

Rosalie Hale – Demi Moore

Alice Cullen – Molly Ringwald

Esme Cullen – Andie MacDowell

Carlisle Cullen – Patrick Swayze

Jessica Stanley – Jennifer Grey

Mike Newton – Anthony Michael Hall

What do you think of this Twilight 80s edition? Who else would you put in the list? Join us in the discussion!