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The odds are always stacked against us. Mistake after mistake. I’ll never criticize Romeo again.-Edward Cullen (New Moon book)


This book is the second in the Twilight Saga. Bella Swan and Edward Cullen have been together for several months. When Bella’s birthday comes around she is suddenly aware that she is aging and Edward is not. Also the danger that surrounds their relationship is growing. Edward breaks up with Bella so that he can protect her from his world. This sends Bella into a deep depression and her only savior is her best friend Jacob, a teenage werewolf. Bella’s love for her best friend grows but the constant reminder of her lost love threatens her happiness.

This highly anticipated second installment film is one for the record books. Twilight fans around the world lines up for hours and days at a time to get the first look at this film. Director Chris Weitz (Golden Compass) is known for his amazing CGI visual eye. The biggest fantasy element of this film were the wolves, and they did not disappoint!

The debut acting of Taylor Lautner, as Jacob Black, was truly wonder to see. The chemistry between Taylor and his co-star Kristen Stewart held true to the Jacob and Bella in Stephenie Meyer’s book. The shirtless wolf-pack had great chemistry as well. The camaraderie that only these boys could gain from being in the Pack was greatly showcased.

It was also great to see the changes from book to movie. The novel is Bella’s point of view, but to make the story flow better as a movie, other point of views were shown. This was a great treat for fans of the novel to see another perspective. Also, the Volturi were as eerie and regal as described in the book. Michael Sheen and Dakota Fanning as two of the main Volutri members really stole teh show in those scenes. It was a great first look and I am eager to see them perform in the coming installments.

The Similarities

– Key scenes were kept (Dream sequence, birthday party, Edward/Bella break up, Jacob/Bella rain breakup, Jacob/Paul wolf fight, the vote)

– Bella and Jake’s relationship were consistent in both

– Yellow Porsche!!

The Differences

– Edwards car is black (silver in book)

– Bella writes emails to Alice to narrate her depression and explain her thoughts about growing relationship with Jacob (movie)

Romeo & Juliet movie scene took place in classroom, meshing into explanation of Volutri

– Volturi killing shown with Carlisle in background

– Jacob/Bella relationship shown through montage of building the motorcycle

– Victoria gives Harry Clearwater heartattack

– Victoria is clearly seen in water after Bella jumps off the cliff

– Edward and Felix fight scene

– Bella “wakes up” at home from end of Italy scene.

– Edwards apology is readily accepted from Bella (book: she thinks his is a dream)