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Perchance to Dream
Author: Lisa Mantchev


“Act Two, Scene One:

Growing up in the enchanted Theatre Illuminata, Beatrice Shakespeare Smith learned everything about every play ever written. She knew the Players and their parts, but she didn’t know that she, too, had magic. Now, she is the Mistress of Revels, the Teller of Tales, and is determined to follow her stars. She is ready for the outside world.


But the outside world soon proves more topsy-turvy than any stage production. Bertie can make things happen by writing them, but outside the protective walls of the Theatre, nothing goes as planned. And her magic cannot help her a decision between

NATE: Her suave and swashbuckling pirate, now in mortal peril.

Ariel: A brooding, yet seductive, air spirit whose true motives remain unclear.

When Nate is kidnapped and taken prisoner by the Sea Goddess, only Bertie can free him. Berite’s dreams are haunted by Nate, whose love for Bertie is keeping him alive, but in the daytime, it’s Ariel who is tantalizingly close, and the one she is falling for. Who does Bertie love the most? And will her magic be powerful enough to save her once she enters the Sea Goddess’s lair?”

Review: Perchance to Dream is the second installment in the Theatre Illuminata tales. Bertie has left the enchantment of the Theatre in order to rescue Nate. But she hasn’t gone alone, the irresistible Ariel and as always her four faithful fairy companions: Moth, Peaseblossom, Cobweb, and Mustardseed, have tagged along on the adventure. And true to form, they manage to get themselves in all sorts of wild and entertaining predicaments.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the four fairies. They are just too funny and oh so much fun to read! From their crazy antics and pranks to their outlandish sayings, you will find yourself laughing out loud throughout most of the book. One of my favorite parts is when Peaseblossom thinks she’s finally fallen in love, you won’t believe who she chooses! Cobweb, Mustardseed, and Moth are as always: crude, jokesters, and hungry! They manage to get themselves (along with Bertie and Ariel) into a heap of trouble when they come upon a wedding FULL of food. Oh boy!

A new character makes his way into Bertie’s adventure: Waschbar, the sneak-thief. Waschbar turns out to be just as clever as the fairies but with a good heart and better logic. He joins Bertie and her crew when Bertie uses The Book (the one that holds the origins of every Player) to help get her and the others out some dangerous trouble.

Bertie manages to get herself and her band of interesting sidekicks into a lot of trouble on her own. Still not use to being the Mistress of Revels, The Teller of Tales, every time she writes something new in The Book, something always seems to go wrong and turns everything topsy-turvy.

Ariel is still determined to keep Bertie safe (and all the while greasing on his charm and sexiness)– which Bertie finds herself drawn to more and more.

Even from the Sea Goddess lair, Nate is still very much alive in Bertie– well, in her dreams that is. Bertie’s guilt continues to magnify the more she dreams of Nate because he is fading, and quickly, there is only so much time left for her to save him.

Perchance to Dream was DELICIOUS, VIVID, AND HILARIOUS! Bertie is strong willed and stubborn and loyal– a beautiful heroine girls of any age will love to read and find a connection with.

If you haven’t read Eyes Like Stars and Perchance to Dream than you are missing out on two of the best young adult novels out there! Full of beautiful fantasy, rowdy characters, sassy lead heroine, and crazy antics– you will find yourself devouring every word of the Theatre Illuminata tales.