It’s a new month, so here at OBS, that means it’s a new book club! We hope you’ll enjoy Cate Tiernan’s Book of Shadows book club!

CHAPTERS 1-3 By Dawn

Chapter 1 Cal Blaire.

Each chapter begins with a quote or an excerpt from a letter from the 1600’s-1800’s.

The story is told from Morgan Rowland’s point of view. Morgan’s best friend is Bree and they are beginning their Junior year of high school at Widows Veil High. Bree is beautiful and knows it, while Morgan considers herself just plain.

Mary K, Morgan’s younger sister, has finally made it to high school too.

Bree’s boyfriend, Chris, drags her off but Morgan doesn’t like their clique. Bree turns to leave and Morgan sees her gaping at something or someone….Cal Blaire, the new kid. Morgan thinks he’s gorgeous. Cal is a senior and Morgan realizes she may share classes with him because she takes senior math and science.

Times goes by…Morgan and Cal speak occasionally in class. Cal tries to get to know Morgan, but it’s difficult for her to respond to him. She’s not quite sure why he has that affect on her.

Chapter 2 I Wish

Bree, Robbie, Tamara and Morgan are discussing Cal at Morgan’s house while she cooks dinner. As Morgan’s parents come in, you see what seems like a happy, close family.

At school, Tamara and Morgan grill Janice about dating Cal. He’s dated a few girls already and they have dubbed him a player. Cal wanders over and invites them to a party at his house.

Chapter 3 The Circle

Morgan’s car lovingly called Das Boot (German for boat) is a white ‘71 Chrysler Valiant . Morgan picks Bree up and they head to Cal’s party. They see everyone gathered in the woods around a fire.

Cal explains that the party is to celebrate Mabon, a Wiccan sabbat, the autumn equinox. He explains Wicca to everyone. He suggests they make a circle as the others seem uncomfortable. In the circle, they hold hands and give thanks for the harvest. Most of the party-goers leave but Raven, Morgan and Bree stay for the circle as well as Jenna and Matt, Beth, Alessandra, Todd, and Suzanne. Sharon, Ethan, and Robbie also stick around.

Characters Mentioned:
Morgan Rowlands
Bree Warren
Raven Meltzer
Ethan Sharpe
Chip Newton
Mary K Rowlands
Robbie Gurevitch
Chris Holly
Cal Blaire
Sharon Goodfine
Tamara Pritchett
Dr. Gonzalez
Justin Bartlett
Mr. Rowlands
Mrs. Rowlands
Janice Yutoh
Suzanne Herbert
Beth Nielson
Ben Reggio
Todd Ellsworth
Mrs. Lavender
Father Hotchkiss
Deacon Benes
Joey Markovich
Aunt Eileen
Paula Steen
Betty Fiorello
Mr. Warren

1. What do you think of Morgan?
2. What is your impression of Morgan’s friends and family?
3. Why do you think Cal invited them to his party?
4. What did you think of Cal’s announcement that he practices Wicca?

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