CHAPTERS 4- 8 By Dawn

Chapter 4 Banishing

Cal begins the circle by purifying it with salt and then they all link hands. Cal and Morgan end up holding hands. Cal teaches them a chant and they go around the circle saying what each of them would banish. Raven would banish small minds, Jenna – hatred, Matt – jealousy, Robbie – anger, Todd- school, Alessandra – plaid golf pants, Suzanne – fat free hot dogs, Sharon – stupidity, Ethan – his stepmother, Beth – powerlessness. And finally, Morgan banishes limitations. Suddenly, Morgan feels a pain in her chest. Cal whispers that he banishes loneliness.

Chapter 5 Headachy

On Sunday morning, Morgan’s mom wakes her up for church. Her parents are very Catholic and even though Morgan doesn’t feel well, she goes with them.

Chapter 6 Practical Magic

Later on Sunday, Bree wants Morgan to go to an occult bookstore with her. They’re looking for a book on Wiccan history.

The store clerk suggests they purchase their items for Samhain. Bree asks why magick is spelled with a K and he tells them it’s to distinguish it from illusionary magic. The clerk looks closely at Morgan and says “Who are you?” He then suggests she read a book The Seven Great Clans: Origins of Witchcraft Examined.

Chapter 7 Metamorphosis

Aunt Eileen and her girlfriend come over for dinner. Morgan is in her room trying to figure out why so much of the Wiccan information seems familiar to her.

The next day at school, Raven mentions their next circle to Cal. Cal proceeds to tell them that Suzanne, Todd and Alessandra are not invited because they didn’t do it right.

Chapter 8 Cal and Bree

Morgan goes over to Bree’s house and Morgan wonders out loud if the circle was dangerous. Bree thinks she’s over reacting. They discuss a Book of Shadows that every witch should have.

Bree announces that she broke up with Chris and her next target is Cal. Morgan is shocked and upset because she has feelings for Cal too.

1. What did you think of what Morgan and Cal banished?
2. Why do you think Morgan got dizzy and then had a pain in her chest?
3. What did you think of the way the clerk reacted to Morgan? What do you think this might foreshadow for Morgan?
4. Why do you think Cal cut out some of the people from the circle?
5. Why do you think Morgan thought the circle might be dangerous?

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