4 star rating
No Humans Involved
Women of the Otherworld, Book #7
By Kelley Armstrong
ISBN#  9780553588378
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no-humans-involved-women-of-the-otherworld-kelley-armstrongJamie Vegas is a well-known necromancer, traveling from place to place, selling out stadiums for a chance for her audience to hear a message from a loved one they’ve lost.  But Jamie is striving to do something she’s been told she couldn’t do by herself; make it onto her own television show! She has secured her place on a TV special to try to speak to Marilyn Monroe’s ghost.  After this, her own show should be a done deal!

But complications arise that could stop filming dead in its tracks!  But more importantly Jamie has discovered the ghosts of children trapped somewhere between the two veils and she’s determined to find a way to free them before she leaves!  Jamie depends on her friends from both worlds to help her quest into setting these children free!

I’m one that would be happy if this series focused solely on Clay and Elena.  I often cringe when I see an installment is centering around another character, like Paige!  But I was a little excited to read this one so I could finally see Jamie and Jeremy hook up!  And, even though it was a slow build-up for this couple; it is well worth the wait!  I loved how Jamie teased him!

“Good night, Jeremy,” I said, and closed the door.

I stepped away, reached back and started unzipping my dress.

He pressed his hands to the glass. I could read his lips. “That’s not fair.”

I smiled and finished unzipping. The dress slid off my shoulders, but stayed there. I looked at him, his gaze fixed on me, eyes dark with lust.

“You wouldn’t dare,” he mouthed.

I turned, then let it fall off the rest of the way. And, once off, there was nothing else to remove.


I heard him though the glass, heard him say my name in a deep growl that made me shiver, but I didn’t turn around, just lifted my fingers to wave over my shoulder, then strolled into the bathroom for a very long, very cold shower.”

And, Jeremy’s wry humor was fun to read as well, a light and fun side of him I’m not used to seeing, that I absolutely loved!

“Headache, hmm?” His expression went serious. “Do you know what’s the best cure for that?”



He said it so matter-of-factly I had to sputter a laugh.

“Multiple, if possible,” he continued. “It’s a proven medical fact that one physiologic event, like orgasm, can cancel out the effects of another physiological process, such as a headache.”

His expression was perfectly serious, but I said, “You’re full of shit.”

“Perhaps. If so, you should call my bluff. Just open the door and we’ll test it out.”

The mystery in this installment was intriguing and managed to keep my interest especially as the pieces started falling in place.  I could only imagine the horror Jamie experienced with the trapped children ghosts touching her, unable to communicate, and her not knowing how to help.

I also enjoyed seeing Karl’s protective side come out to play with Hope!  I can only assume we’ll see more of them in a future book of their own!

And, of course I loved every moment we got of Kristof, even though there wasn’t a lot of him in this book.  I’ve really come to love him though!

“What the hell is that?”

I jumped and glanced over to see Kristof staring at Grady, who was waving his arms, rolling his eyes, shaking and moaning.

“I think he’s possessed,” I said.

“By what? Epilepsy?”

This was a good book and I think the werewolf lover fans of this series will really take a bite out of it!  I can only hope that we see more of this fun couple in the future installments!