4 star


No Ghouls Allowed

Ghost Hunter Mystery, Book #9

By Victoria Laurie

ISBN# 9780451470089

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no-ghouls-allowedHeath, M.J., and Gilley are still on their break from filming their show, Ghoul Getters, and are visiting M.J. and Gilley’s hometown, Valdosta, Georgia.  This is the part of the break that M.J. dreads the most as she and her father haven’t had a good relationship since the death of her beloved mother many  years ago.  But to M.J.’s surprise her daddy seems to be a changed man thanks to his fiancé, Christine.  The couple will be tying to knot before M.J. and crew leave town!

But currently Christine is plagued with the troubles going on at the plantation house she recently purchased and is renovating.  Strange things are happening and the contractors are getting hurt in the process, causing them to quit in the middle of the job!  So Christine turns to M.J. and her friends to figure out exactly what’s going on.  And, while investigating the home they run straight into the most powerful evil spirit they have ever encountered.  And, worse they discover that the spook knew M.J.’s mom and knows she’s her daughter and wants to play!  But now they must figure out how to stop an evil entity so powerful and without all their usual ghost-busting equipment and solve a few murders along the way as well!  This group definitely has their work cut out for them!

This is the third Ghost Hunter Mystery novel I have read, and I must say that this one seems more ‘grown-up’ than the others.  This haunting in this book is much darker than in the other two installments I’ve read.  The ghost is pure evil and more powerful than anyone could imagine.  This book reads like a scary movie that you can see unfolding before your eyes.

This book also is full of more emotion than I’m used to seeing in the series as it deals with M.J’s mom, particularly her childhood and the horrors she had to endure unbeknownst to M.J. until now!  And the last scene with M.J. and her father is very touching and emotional as well!

We also get to see more of Heath and M.J.’s relationship and why they are so good together.

Gilley plays a minor role in this book, staying away from the scary parts of the investigation, but is always ready to be a shoulder to lean on, an ear to bend, and of course ready with a triple scoop cone with sprinkles!  And, his mom is great too!

I found that I really enjoyed this book and think anybody who likes a paranormal mystery will have a spook-tacular time reading it!

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