Misti has contributed 3 character breakdowns for our OBS New Moon book club this month. Bella was first, read her breakdown here. Jacob is up next. (Edward coming soon.)

Name: Jacob Black
Birthday: 1990
Parents: Billy & Sara Black
Hair Color: Black

At the start of New Moon Jacob Black is just your normal 16yr old; he works on his car, lives on the La Push reservation, and still has a crush on Bella Swan, the daughter of his father’s best friend Charlie Swan. When Jacob first sees Bella it has been about 4 months since Edward has left, and Bella has just “woken up” from her zombie like state. Jacob is willing to do anything to help her, he can see how much hell she has been through and that she is still in so much pain. Jacob starts by helping to fix the motor bikes Bella brought him, just happy he can be around her, and he is slowly starting to heal her. Jacob is more then happy to spend all his spare time with Bella, knowing that the more time they spend together, the more she will start allowing herself to be happy. Jacob has a plan, and that plan really comes into play the night he along with Mike Newton and Bella go see a movie. He is confident the whole night, knowing the Bella would rather be with him then with Mike “You like me right? … Better than that joker puking his guts out in there? … Better then the other guys you know … That’s okay, you know. As long as you like me the best.” NM pg 212

Jacob knows Bella is still in pain from Edward leaving her, but he is willing to stick around and wait until she can be happy with him. That plan however changes, the same night that Jacob tell her “I’m prepared to be annoyingly persistent” NM pg 213 he changes, and that change will effect his relationship with Bella. He has now been “ordered” to stay away from her, something he knows will break her heart. He also knows that he is now a “werewolf” and that it was a vampire not a 17yr old boy who hurt Bella. Knowing this, makes Jacob hate Edward more than he normally would. Jacob knows that Bella already knows what he is, he told her on the beach a year ago when trying to tell her a scary story. Knowing he can’t stay away from Bella (and keeping hurting her), he tells her that she already knows what he is and she just has to figure it out. Now Bella knows what he is, and she also knows what/who they are hunting. Jacob is now devoting all of his time to keeping Bella safe, he spends time patrolling her house at night, keeping her safe down at the La Push, all while trying to find Victoria.

It is during this time that Jacob finds Bella, drowning after attempting cliff diving, after he rescues her, he finds out that Victoria had been in the water with Bella. Jacob is now determined to step up his protecting Bella when Alice Cullen shows up, causing Bella to chose Jacob or his enemy Vampires. When Bella clearly choses the Vampires (and Edward) over him, he must be heart broken and even more angry. Once he finds out that Bella has arrived back in Forks alive but with Edward, he makes it a point to remind her of the pact between the Wolf pack and the Cullen’s “The treaty is quite specific. If any of them bite a human, the truce is over. Bite, not kill” NM pg 558 Knowing what Bella is intending to do (he is also trying to keep her aways from Edward, by showing up at her house with her motorcycle, knowing what Charlie will do). Jacob is not going to give up on his attempt to be with Bella.

Misti Schindele is the writer for both and

What do you think of the character breakdown? What would you add if you could?