From here on out we will be combining chapters. Next month we start Sue Dent’s Never Ceese.

Chapter 20 Volterra
By: Katie

In this chapter, Alice and Bella are driving to Volterra. They get stopped by the guards but Alice pays them and they keep going. Alice finds an alley and drops Bella off telling her that she needs to run as fast as she can straight across and find the Clock Tower. Bella didn’t even have time to think, she just started running.

Questions for consideration:

Do you think if Bella wouldn’t have fell and had gotten to Edward faster, they wouldn’t have been found by Demetri and Felix?

Why do you think Bella paid so much attention to her surroundings while running to find Edward?

If a family wasn’t watching the group of vampires and Bella would have Demetri and Felix been forceful?

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Chapter 21 Verdict
By: Katie

In this chapter, they start of in a office reception room where Bella notices a human standing at a counter. They meet up with a boy that looks like Jane. Alec (Jane’s twin) and Jane share a few words and they’re off to see Aro. The group of them walk into a room, where the only furniture is two massive chairs that look like thrones.

Questions for consideration:

Why do you think Edward jumped out at Jane when she was going to shock Bella?

Why do you think Aro believed Alice’s vision about Bella being a Vampire, right away?

If Bella and Alice didn’t come and save Edward, do you think he would have eventually become part of the Volturi?

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