Chapter 2 Stitches
By: Nikki

Rosalie and Emmett take Jasper outside to calm down. Esme joins them outside after she apologizes to Bella. Carlisle starts to check out Bella’s wounds, while Edward and Alice look on. Carlisle tourniquets Bella’s arm and Edward carries Bella to the kitchen so Carlisle can better treat her. Bella sees how difficult the situation is for Edward so she asks him to leave the room. He declines, but Carlisle persuades him to go out and find Jasper. Edward and Alice both leave the room, leaving Bella to watch Carlisle work on her arm.

Bella and Carlisle discuss his amazing ability to be a Vampire and a doctor. He tells her about his experience in learning to resist the temptation of blood; he doesn’t notice it anymore. He removes the remainder of the glass and starts to give her stitches. The conversation takes a theological turn and Carlisle tells Bella about his father. He believes that vampires can have an afterlife and Bella agrees with him. He is surprised because no one else ever does. Apparently, Edward agrees with Carlisle to a point, but does not believe that Vampires has souls. Learning this helps Bella understand Edward’s actions when the subject comes up.

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What did you think of Bella’s feeling about the goodnight kiss?

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