Chapter 15 Pressure
By: Libby

Bella awakes to another spring break in Forks, last year at this time she was being hunted by James and this year it’s Victoria; she’s hoping this isn’t going to become a regular thing. She heads down to La Push and finds herself mostly wandering the beach alone to keep Jake’s secret from Charlie since he is out patrolling with the pack. Jacob is sorry for leaving her alone so much, but while Victoria is out there the wolves are on red alert. When Jacob walks the beach with Bella they always hold hands – Bella realizes how that looks to others and knows Jake would love for that to be the case as well. Bella has work on Tuesday and Mike notices Jacob has followed her and asks if she’s dating him; she replies that they’re just friends- best friends. Tuesday night Sam, Emily and Charlie come over to Billy’s; Jacob and Bella leave early while the adults are talking and head to the garage.

Questions for consideration:

Is there something you noticed in this chapter that you’d like to discuss with the book club?

Did you agree with Mike when he said girls are cruel? Do you think Bella is being cruel to Jake by acting the way she does with him?

Is there anything about this chapter you were disappointed with?

Were you surprised by how open Bella and Jake are now?

Did someone or something in this chapter catch you by surprise?

Do you think the wolves have a chance against Victoria? That is, if they can catch up with her.

Did you notice any particular symbolism or little detail you have never noticed before while rereading this chapter?

What did you think of Bella’s decision to jump off the cliff by herself?

What is your favorite quote from this chapter?

After she jumped off the cliff and saw Edward, did you honestly think she was going to die?

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