Chapter 14 Family
By: Libby

Afraid of what the pack might do, Bella half hides behind Jake until they arrive. When they emerge from the trees Bella expects four very large wolves, but instead finds four large boys. Bella thinks of them as quadruplets; moving in unison, with the same build and the same cropped black hair. Their expressions are identical l- they all become furious when they see Bella standing there with Jake. Sam is angry with Jake and demands to know what he has done, but keeps his cool; apparently from more experience. Paul however, loses his cool. Despite Jake’s efforts to explain that Bella has information they need, Paul explodes into a giant silver wolf and Jake quickly follows to protect Bella and a fight ensues. When the ‘Jake-wolf’ is able to push Paul into the forest, Sam orders Embry and Jared to take Bella to Emily’s house while he goes after Paul and Jacob.

Questions for consideration:

Is there something in this chapter you would like to discuss with the book club?

What did you think of Jacob’s decision to bring Bella to the pack’s meeting?

What would you change about this chapter if you had a chance?

When Paul and Jacob got into their fight were you worried like Bella was? Did you think someone would get seriously hurt?

What is your favorite quote from this chapter?

Did someone or something in this chapter catch you by surprise?

After seeing Emily’s scars, would you be afraid of hanging out with the wolves?

Did you see any symbolism or little detail that you have never noticed before while rereading this chapter?

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