Chapter 10 The Meadow
By: ifellhard

Jacob doesn’t call Bella. She calls several times with no answer at Billy’s. She goes to see him and no one is home. Bella worries that Jacob is in the hospital and stops by and learns that neither Billy nor Jacob have been there. At Bella’s urging, Charlie calls Harry Clearwater to find out something. It turns out that Harry had been in the hospital for some tests for his heart. Harry tells Charlie that there have been problems with the phone lines and that Jacob has mono and that he’s very tired and Billy says he should not have visitors. Charlie tells Bella not to make a pest of herself.

Bella gets on the computer and looks up information on mono and grows very suspicious because the symptoms didn’t jive with the onset of Jacob’s illness. When she sees that mono could last up to a month, her mouth falls open. She decides to give Billy a week before calling or visiting. Bella tries calling and still has no luck with the phone lines. She comments that the hole is getting worse without Jacob around.

Questions for consideration:

Why do you think that the forest seemed so much creepier to her?

Why do you think that Bella was so disappointed when she finally found the meadow?

Were you surprised to learn that Victoria was hunting Bella to get back at Edward?

Did you suspect anything about the wolves when they emerged from the trees? Were you surprised that Laurent feared them?

Is there something you noticed in this chapter that you’d like to discuss with the book club?

What would you change about this chapter if you had a chance?

What is your favorite quote from this chapter?

Did you see any particular symbolism or little detail you have never noticed before while re-reading this Chapter?

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