The story of Pinocchio originally debuted in 1883 in The Adventures of Pinocchio by writer Carlo Collodi, and since then the story of a wooden doll searching for life has gotten a life of his own. Best known for the Disney animated movie Pinocchio, it’s also found it’s way into comics with Bill Willingham’s popular series Fables, as well as being the inspiration for Osamu Tezuka’s iconic manga Astro Boy. With all his success, Pinocchio’s never had a proper continuation of his own story – until now.

In the upcoming SLG-published graphic novel Pinocchio: Vampire Slayer, cartoonist Dusty Higgins and artist Van Jensen have teamed up to tell a tale of the titular hero as he goes down a dark path – a path forged by vampires who have taken over his hometown and killed Geppetto. With his maker and adopted father dead, Pinocchio has turned into a boy seeking single-minded vengeance against the vampires who caused it all. He’s aided by two adults from his past, the Blue Fairy and Master Cherry – the carpenter who found the wood which became Pinocchio.

Interview here

Pinocchio looks fierce. I love this creative idea of Pinocchio seeking vengeance against vampires who killed Geppetto. The writer’s describe it as a “ridiculous mash-up of horror, humor, action and folktale.”

I cannot wait to see all the sketches for this graphic novel. I bet they will kick ass.

What do you think? Do you like the direction they’ve gone with Pinocchio? Why or why not?