HBO Teases Latest True Blood Season

Fans hungry for their first taste of some fresh and warm “True Blood” needn’t wait a second longer for a quick tease of what’s to come, thanks to an eagle eyed fan and the power of YouTube!

Mixed in with the below montage of its upcoming projects you’ll find the first few images of next season’s players. Look for the show to come back on Sunday, June 13th! New blood Joe Manganiello, Brit Morgan, Denis O’Hare, Kevin Alejandro, Cooper Huckabee, Alfre Woodard, J. Smith-Cameron, Theo Alexander, Grant Bowler, and Lindsay Pulsipher join stars Anna Paquin, Stephen Moyer, Sam Trammell, Ryan Kwanten, and Rutina Wesley.


Where Is Our Wonder Woman Smallville?

With Smallville headed to its 10th season, it’s time to ask the question that we’ve been wondering since day one: Why haven’t producers tried to make lightning strike a second time, with the most obvious other candidate – Wonder Woman?

I know: You all thought I was going to say “Batman,” didn’t you? But considering that Smallville was the product of a failed pitch for a show called Bruce Wayne – which would’ve followed a teenage Bruce on his travels around the world training to become the future Dark Knight – our bat-eared friend has long been considered off-limits for this kind of treatment, sadly (The pitch, which was apparently loved by television executives, was rumored to have been killed by Warners executives convinced there was still cinematic life left in the character. Considering that Christopher Nolan came on board soon after this decision, history has pretty much proven them right, but I can’t help but wish we’d gotten Bruce Wayne instead of Smallville. For the curious amongst you, Smallville actually got its name from one of the potential episodes mentioned in the Wayne pitch, which would’ve seen the teenage Wayne visit the small midwestern town and meet a young Clark Kent. And now you know). However, despite numerous rumors and attempts to the contrary, no such movie boundaries surround Wonder Woman, which makes us wonder (no pun intended), where’s her show?

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LOL@the True Blood teaser, try not to strain your eyes trying to see Eric. I’m ready for a full on commercial teaser. This teaser doesn’t quite do it for me. Did you notice anything specific in the teaser?

Umm yeah, where the hell is a good Wonder Woman series? It’s past due.