‘Lost’ earns 12 Emmy nominations, including nods for finale

The executive producers of Lost still aren’t ready to reflect creatively on the drama’s two-and-a-half-hour finale (as if they ever plan to), but they had plenty to say about the 12 Emmy nominations it received today from the TV Academy. Besides a much-anticipated nomination for Outstanding Drama, the series also earned nods for stars Matthew Fox, Terry O’Quinn, Michael Emerson, and Elizabeth Mitchell. The finale — which was simply titled “The End” — also earned nominations in the writing, directing, music, and editing categories.

“As storytellers, you rarely get to end a story on your own terms,” executive producer Carlton Cuse tells EW. “Most shows kind of fade away or drop dead. We finished our story on our terms. Let’s face it, there were very high expectations for how Lost should end, and for us, it was enormously gratifying that we were recognized for doing a reasonably good job of ending the show.”

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HAVEN (Syfy) “Welcome to Haven” Early Review

Over the last few months the buzz has been building around Syfy’s new show, HAVEN (premiering July 9 at 10 PM on SyFy), a new paranormal drama based on “The Colorado Kid”, a novel by Stephen King. I’ve had a chance to see the show’s first episode and think its going to turn into a hit, especially with viewers who are fans of Twin Peaks or The X-Files. The characters’ dialogue was well done and engaging, and the writers/film crew did a great job capturing the feeling of a Maine town. The paranormal aspects of the show are well balanced with the investigative side of the show, and hopefully the show can continue walking that fine line. The acting of Emily Rose, Lucas Bryant, and Eric Balfour (who was surprisingly excellent as smuggler Duke Crocker) was spot on, and really help connect the viewer to the story from the get go.

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I hope Lost cleans house at the Emmy’s. It was a truly amazing show that broke so many records. Who do you hope gets an Emmy for The End?

Do you plan on tuning in to watch Haven?