Lost’s Off-Island Character Coincidences Mapped Out

Why did Sayid’s captors know Kate’s fake daddy? How come Locke and Hugo had the same boss? And how did Jack’s life-and-death doctor decisions change Boone’s life? All these strange coincidences are mapped out on a fantastic interactive chart.

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This is heaven: McG to reboot La Femme Nikita for The CW

When we heard this news, we squeed all over ourselves: The CW has ordered a pilot for a remake of La Femme Nikita, the 1990s USA Network show based on Luc Besson’s French movie, from Supernatural producer McG.

La Femme Nikita! We loved the U.S./Canadian TV series for its moody ambience, doomed romance, complex sci-fi mythology and kick-ass action, featuring the smoking hot Peta Wilson and the mulletted and morose Roy Dupuis, not to mention Eugene Robert Glazer’s Operations and especially Alberta Watson’s Madeline.

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Vampire Diaries’ Ian Somerhalder on Elena vs. Katherine

“Damon only has fun,” he said. “Damon is that way, smiling and joking, and there’s something about him that makes Elena fun when she’s around Damon. As crazy as she is and as much as she tries to hate him, he makes her smile sometimes. I think maybe she might start trusting Damon if he presents it to her that she can.”

Damon isn’t always upbeat, though. Somerhalder teased an upcoming episode of the CW series (Thursdays at 8/7c) in which he’s anguished. “I had to shoot a scene where Damon was not happy at all. … and my whole day was shot because I was miserable. Normally I walk around set laughing and joking, pulling pranks on people and just screwing with everyone. [Paul Wesley, who plays Stefan] is always so intense, because he’s got so much going on in his mind. I thought, whoa, that’s heavy.”

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Sara Canning: ‘Vampire Diaries’ Will Pave Its Own Way

Having fun with a grown-up role.
“I was excited about playing the role of Jenna. I’m the same age — or younger — as some of my castmates who are playing high-schoolers, so it’s definitely a very strange thing. The thing that I think I related to Jenna right away is that she had to grow up very quickly because she’s never shouldered a responsibility like this. Taking care of her deceased sisters’ kids is a really noble job, so, yes, she’s playing a parental figure, but at the same time she’s growing up herself. She’s still really young and has rough patches with guys and she’s still in school, so it’s been a really fun character to approach that way.”

What’s up next for Jenna?
“We’re seeing a little bit of a new thing with a guy for Jenna when a new history teacher comes to town. We’ll see that develop a little more. We’ll definitely see a lot of stuff come up between Elena and Jenna as well, a lot of family stuff. I’m excited for our audience to go on this journey with her. ”

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Paul Wesley on his ‘Vampire Diaries’ character’s addiction and more

When Stefan vamps out, how do they do that to your face? Makeup? Is it CGI?

There’s a lot of CGI, and some makeup around the eyes. I put some crazy contact lenses in. They put these four dots on my face, for the CGI guys to use as markers in post-production. I think that’s how they do it in “True Blood” as well. It’s actually very funny, because we do these scenes and Nina has to pretend to be in love with me, and I’m standing there with polka-dots on my face.

Kevin Williamson told me that he’s looking forward to Stefan eventually falling off the wagon and drinking human blood again. Do you look forward to playing the darker side of Stefan, or do you prefer him as the more morally sound of the brothers?

I wouldn’t want to play dark, evil Stefan forever, but I think everybody has a dark side, especially a vampire, and it’d be unrealistic not to explore that. I really look forward to playing that, especially because right now, he’s so noble. You always want what you can’t have when you’re an actor, you want to try something new.

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Love the Lost map. What do you think of the map?

What do you think of a possible La Femme Nikita reboot? Did you like the original one?

Last week’s Vampire Diaries was a bit schizo with the story lines. I hope they tighten it up a bit from here on out because I am looking forward to the development of each character especially Bonnie and Katherine. I really like how each actor strives to understand their character. What do you think?