Glee, True Blood, Precious & Grey’s Please GLAAD

More serious fare that made the grade for Outstanding Drama Series included True Blood, Mad Men, BBC America’s Skins and perennial nominees Grey’s Anatomy and Brothers & Sisters, both ABC shows.

Private Practice, Supernatural, Parks and Recreation and NBC’s short-lived The Listener are vying in the individual episode category.


The American Version Of “Being Human” Will Have A Touch Of “Supernatural”

While the BBC preps the second season of its monster drama Being Human, the Syfy channel hires a Supernatural scribe to write their American remake. Does this mean Syfy’s Being Human might actually be as clever as the original?

Being Human, a drama about a vampire, a werewolf and a ghost living in a flat in Bristol is a perfect combination of witty writing, interesting drama and world-building – and most importantly, a dynamite cast with excellent chemistry.

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‘Vampire Diaries’ Producers Reveal More Details About The New Episode 11

‘ Vampire Diaries’ producers reveal more details about the new episode 11. The CW just released this new clip (below), which features the executive producers of their new hit show, “Vampire Diaries.” Their names are Julie Plec and Kevin Williamson. They talked a little bit about what the new episode 11 entitled, “ Bloodlines” has in store,along with a brief preview of season one.

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GLAAD recognizing True Blood and Supernatural is awesome!

Do you think the American Being Human will be better than the BBC one? why?

OMG! I love the teasers they let out about what is to come on Vampire Diaries. I agree that not knowing who might die is a huge part of the fascination. What do you think of what they had to say?