So Yeah… What Does Kate Care About?

Last night’s Lost was much better than we’d expected from a Kate-centric episode. Partly, this was because Kate did a teeny bit of growing as a person. And partly it was because Jack and Sawyer stole the show. Spoilers avast…

So both Kates realized, last night, that they owed something to poor Claire Littleton. The only difference is, one of them made this realization in time, and the other one had the epiphany far, far too late.

In any case, the linchpin of the episode seems to be the bit where Jin asks Kate what she cares about, and Kate doesn’t really have a good answer. It seems like, by the end of the episode, Island-Kate has realized that the person she cares about is Aaron. Meanwhile, alt-Kate seems to have made a genuine connection with Claire. It’s hard not to think that the show is setting up something in which the fate of both Aarons will be vital to everybody.

So. What have we learned? There’s an “infection” that’s claiming Sayid and which has already claimed Claire — and presumably it’s connected to the Man In Black aka Flocke, who was impersonating Christian Shephard before. (I’m wondering if one of Smokey’s powers is that he can impersonate any dead person who’s body is on the island?) The infection took Claire after she was separated from her baby, and took Sayid after he shot a little kid and then got shot in return.

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‘True Blood’ Scoop! New Cast Member Kevin Alejandro Describes His First Scene In Season 3

Kevin said that Jesus is going to be hanging around Bon Temps for the entire season, which began shooting a couple of weeks ago. “There’s not a whole lot I can tell you about it because they’re very, very secretive with what is released and what’s out there,” he said.

He doesn’t even know who else besides Lafayette his character will interact with. “I’m not really sure yet. It’s so new — I think right now they’re establishing what Lafayette and Jesus are going to have. Also, I don’t get the whole script. If I’m not in the script, I don’t get it. They’re very, very secretive. I wish I could answer that question!”

It’s been difficult for Kevin to research his part, since Jesus is a character created completely by “True Blood” mastermind Alan Ball. (Lafayette died in the first book of the series “True Blood” is based on, and he didn’t yet have a love interest.) But Kevin said he’s excited about Jesus, since the character is like nothing he’s ever done before. “I’ve never really played a strong gay character or anything like that.”

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Maybe I was right for once! Hah! lol, I had thought Claire got the infection and that’s why she left Aaron. But does that mean she too was claimed? and by whom?

I am having fun hearing about all the news characters and cast for Season 3 of True Blood. How do you feel about all the news coming from the TB camp?