By Annalee Newitz at io9: Neil Gaiman Confirms That He’s Written An Upcoming Episode Of Doctor Who
At last addressing the long-bubbling rumor that he would be writing for Doctor Who, award-winning author Neil Gaiman has confirmed that he’s penned an episode for the second season with new Doctor Matt Smith. He even shared the working title.

Gaiman announced this fangasm-worthy news via venerable British SF magazine SFX:

“As anyone who’s read my blog knows, I’m a big fan of a certain long-running British SF TV series. One that started watching — from behind the sofa — when I was three. And while I know it’s cruel to make you wait for things, in about 14 months from now, which is to say, NOT in the upcoming season but early in the one after that, it’s quite possible that I might have written an episode.”

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by Glenn Diaz at Buddy TV: Is ‘Caprica’ Becoming Too Soapy?
If Caprica co-creator Ron Moore were to be asked, the unequivocal answer would be yes, because that was that intention in the first place.

Three episodes into the Battlestar Galactica prequel, human drama may have had a longer share of the spotlight than robots and overtly futuristic stuff on Caprica, but that’s kind of the direction it was headed for, adds Moore, to differentiate it from Battlestar.
“It was kind of important to David Eick and I that the show not be about just another Battlestar or yet another war series, but to really be different on a fundamental level to what Battlestar was,” he says.

On the most recent episode of Caprica, we finally got an explanation as to why in the world did Amanda Graystone crucify her daughter Zoe in front of the whole (grieving) world. And the reason is, well, it just came out.

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By Kathie Huddleston at Sci Fi Wire: Why Michael Shanks thinks Stargate SG-1 is history
It looks like Stargate SG-1 may finally be dead, at least according to star Michael Shanks, who played Dr. Daniel Jackson on the series, which ran for 10 seasons and spurred two DVD movies in 2008 and two Syfy spinoff series.

“Given the amount of time lag that’s gone on between us doing the movies, I suspect that we might be very far away from, if ever, doing another DVD movie. This might be the closing of the book on that particular [chapter of the] franchise,” said Shanks, whom we caught up with while he was promoting his guest-starring role as Hawkman in The CW’s two-hour film Smallville: Absolute Justice.

“Never say never. It’s always a possibility. But I think everybody’s moving on to a certain point, and with the new show doing well, everybody’s focusing their attention on that. The SG-1 idea is somewhat on the back burner, which is a little bit unfortunate, because I think one more story would have been a great way to bring Rick (Richard Dean Anderson) back in and really go there. But you know, business is business.”

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By Graeme McMillan at io9: Does Lost’s New Code Spell Out The End?
Love Lost but bored by the numbers? A new code has been released online that claims to explain the end of the series . . . if you make the right choices. Potential spoilers!

The code appeared on the Twitter of Lost site Dark UFO on Friday:

626110432547f398491fad32d6add11b #lost

followed by the explanation, “Crack that code and you’ll know the end of LOST ;)”

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I hope that there’s another Stargate SG1 Movie. Stargate Universe just isn’t the same. And I think the Doctor Who episode by Neil Gaiman will be awesome. He wrote an episode of Babylon 5 too, and that was a good one.

What do you think of the Lost code? Do you watch Caprica?