The Real Problem With The New “V” Series

While watching last night’s V episode, something sort of clicked into place for me, about why the new series just isn’t quite working: our heroes are creating a resistance group, rather than a public-relations campaign.

Seriously, twice during last night’s episode, someone asked a really simple question: “Name one bad thing the Visitors have done since they got here.” And both times, Erica looked like she’d just been asked the capital of Lithuania. This shouldn’t be a hard question to answer — and yes, I know that Tyler has the fancy jacket with the spy camera in it, and she doesn’t want to tip her hand.

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Inside the Stargate Universe and a Gateway to the Star

Whoever said science fiction was for 30-year-old men living in their parents’ basements clearly has not seen “Stargate Universe.” Moving into the second half of its first season and already scheduled for a 20-episode second season, “SGU” (as it’s called amongst the fanboys) is causing quite a stir, if only on this planet.

The new show, which follows a group of soldiers, scientists and civilians trapped aboard an alien spacecraft on the other end of the universe, reflects a growing trend toward more sophisticated and mature sci-fi television shows.

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‘Vampire Diaries’ Star Sara Canning Has Always Had A Fascination With The Undead

The undead might scare some people away but not Sara, which is why there couldn’t have been a better show to have catapulted her to fame than The CW’s “The Vampire Diaries.” Sara plays Jenna Sommers, the aunt and legal guardian of Jeremy and Elena, who all exist in a world where vampires and humans are entangled in one another’s lives (and sometimes just each other). But if you think her relationship with the undead is a new found hobby, think again. She laughingly recalled to the mag of her childhood, “I would creep into the living room and hide behind the couch to watch [‘The X-Files’]. I would scare myself. I had a really overactive imagination.”

And what type of person is Sara exactly? She still cares about her hometown, sending autographs to her former high school for their silent auction. And she’s also incredibly driven about going after her dreams.

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‘Vampire Diaries’ fans ‘may hate finale’

The executive producers of The Vampire Diaries have claimed that the season finale contains shocking character changes.

Speaking to TV Guide magazine, Julie Plec revealed that the episode will focus on John’s invention to eliminate vampires.

Plec explained that the news means Damon and Stefan will be in danger, adding: “It’s the episode that finally answers the question, ‘Will Damon do the right thing and not just what’s right for him because of his friendship with Elena?'”

The duo also revealed that Bonnie’s relationships with vampires will change, while Jeremy’s “life issues” will climax.

Plec concluded: “There are character moves that are so profound and hardcore that they will send fans to summer break either hating us, loving us or a little bit of both.”

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I have to agree with the writer of the article about V. What do you think?

I certainly hope we don’t hate the finale of Vampire Diaries, cause that would piss me off. I hope they’re thinking of the fans as they continue this series because after all, it’s the fans that allow the show to go on. What do you think? Are you worried?