A Chat With Jared and Jensen – On Living Sam and Dean, Costars Who Smell Bad, and Looking Ahead to Season Six

Jared and Jensen pulled up chairs (Jared immediately spun his around and straddled it, leaning his elbows on the back like a big kid) and were laid back and eager to chat. The small group of fangirls (and one fanboy), on the other hand, were surprisingly quiet – and maybe not so surprisingly nervous. Some had their questions written on index cards, presumably in case the sight of the boys up close and personal and engaged in normal conversation was too distracting to allow higher brain functions to work properly – which we can completely understand. Lynn was the only one partaking of the appetizers that the con thoughtfully provided – hey, free food! — though she managed not to talk with her mouth full for the most part.

We were thrilled when Jensen brought up his admiration for Serge Ladouceur’s talent during the Q&A on the main stage earlier (you can read about our own admiration in our two-part interview with Serge here). In the private Q&A, Jensen brought Serge up again, saying that he’d even lit the two Dean’s differently in “The End”, a subtle but crucial difference.

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Trek vet will run Spielberg’s sci-fi dinosaur TV show

Brannon Braga—the former Star Trek producer who co-created ABC’s FlashForward—has joined Steven Spielberg’s upcoming prehistoric dinosaur drama Terra Nova for Fox as executive producer and show runner.

Meanwhile, Friday Night Lights and King Kong star Kyle Chandler is rumored to be in talks to take the lead role in the show.

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Lost At Its Best: Tearful Reunions, Backstabbing And Defining Choices

Parallels between the island and “flash-sideways” realities last night:

* Jin and Sun have a touching moment where Jin assures Sun that everything’s going to be all right. (Or that they’ll never be separated again.)
* Jack and Locke are reunited, and Jack has something that Locke desperately needs.
* Kate finds out that Sawyer’s got some dirty little secrets.
* Jack and Claire meet and discuss the fact that they share a miserable excuse for a daddy.
* Sayid confronts the consequences of being a “bad guy.”
* Desmond is trying to help people figure out the truth on their own.

A few other random observations:

– I guess Hugo’s stint as leader was pretty short-lived.

– The Sun/Jin scenes, in both universes, really were touching and brilliant, and I really do hope they get to be together. And it was a neat but terrible reminder of Sawyer’s loss when we saw him glancing at them with a sick look in his eyes.

– Sawyer kept calling Kate “Freckles” in this episode. Are they really going to be together again? I think I need to get off his damn boat too.

– Jack’s son David was almost creepily supportive this time around. Stepford supportive, in fact. And the show seemed to be trying too hard to keep the mystery of his mom’s identity alive, by only letting us hear Jack’s side of the conversation.

– Did anybody think that Jin’s head was going to explode when he ran past the pylons to hug Sun? I know Widmore’s people ordered them turned off, but I wasn’t sure if they’d had time to do it.

– What exactly did bombing Locke achieve anyway? It just killed a few of his cannon fodder followers, and possibly made Jack slightly more dependent on him. But only slightly.

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