The Vampire Diaries: Producer Julie Plec on love triangles, Elena and modern-day Katherine


Kevin Williamson teases an explosive ‘Vampire Diaries’ finale

PW: Jeremy had a lot to do in the beginning and end of the season, but not so much the middle. Is he, or Tyler, who you were talking about having difficulty weaving in?

Kevin: Yes, had there been more time, I would have figured out how to interweave their storylines in a more fluid way. But once the genre element takes off and we’re trying to get into that tomb, what do you do with Caroline and Matt if they don’t know about vampires? And poor Tyler, he is an extension of those two, so that’s been one of my regrets in season one – not being able to explore our supporting cast., but that’s all going to change though in the second season.

PW: You started to hint at Tyler’s true nature in the Miss Mystic Falls episode — will season two deal with that?

Kevin: I would without question say that Tyler will have his journey in season two. We’ll definitely be exploring the Lockwood curse next year, which, if you’ve read the books, you know there’s something that triggers it and it simply hasn’t been triggered yet.

PW: Next week is the season finale and I’m hearing there are lots and lots of cliffhangers.

Kevin: [laughs] The fans are gunna hate us a little bit, but I hope it’s in good fun. The Isobel episode actually answers a lot of questions .. but raises a couple too. That leads us into the finale, which is founders day and we bring this chapter of the show – the tomb vampire – to a close.

PW: Season finales tend to either prolong season one storylines or set up season two — which is this?

Kevin: It’s a little bit of both. We close the door on a couple chapters – some things are very, very final [laughs] and won’t be coming back.

PW: Some things or some people won’t be coming back, Kevin?

Kevin: Well, who knows. Things are left hanging and others are introduced. We don’t introduce a whole new storyline in the last moment, but we do 100 percent tease several roads we’ll be going down next season.

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Supernatural” is heading to Friday nights as repeats of the series will follow “Smallville” at 9:00/8:00c starting May 28.


CW to Air Moonlight Repeats

Further proof that vampires can never die (especially when they’re hot as fire): The CW confirms that they’ll be airing CBS’ short-lived fangalicious series Moonlight this summer after The Vampire Diaries finishes its first season.

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True Blood Spoilers: The Return of Lorena

“We do spend a good deal of time together in season three,” Klaveno said of Lorena and Bill. “I’m hoping that the fans will be a little bit surprised by it, because there will be some new dynamics in our relationship that are new and [have to deal] with that cliffhanger.”

The actress also said there would be a bevy of flashbacks this summer. These instances, along with present day drama, will lead to plenty of “turbulence” between Bill and the woman responsible for making him a vampire.

“I think you can definitely expect much more turbulence between them,” she said. “But it’s not out of the realm of possibility for them to see each other in new ways. I don’t know if they’ll ever be at peace with each other, but there might be some real heartfelt connection.”


Looks like everybody is gearing up for the Vampire Diaries finale. I like what I’ve heard so far, how about you?

Wow, they’re bringing Moonlight back. I’ve heard so much about it, but I’ve never seen it. I might have to check it out, at least.

I’m glad to hear Lorena will be back in Season 3 – she’s so nasty! What do you think of today’s TV news?