Exclusive: Leonard Nimoy Dodges Flames on Set of ‘Fringe’ Finale!

Part One of Fringe’s second season finale airs this Thursday, May 13, and we’ve got your first look at Leonard Nimoy as William Bell behind-the-scenes, shooting the finale, which by now, serious Fringe fans know is entitled “Over There”.

Nimoy has stated that he will no longer play Mr. Spock in any more ‘Star Trek’ iterations, and has also intimated that the Fringe finale will mark the last dramatic on-camera appearance of his career.

We can also tell you that the way this finale is written, it marks the “end” of William Bell. Of course, this is sci-fi, so who knows for sure?

In this video (which actually consists of two segments), Nimoy rehearses a major set piece with a stand-in for Anna Torv, as an explosion and flames erupt just on our camera’s left.

Interview about his new role of werewolf with Joe Manganiello

Tell me all about Alcide.

Alcide is a werewolf. He plays the role of Sookie’s bodyguard in season three.

How close is the TV version to the character that is in the books?

He’s pretty close as far as the description goes. He’s brought by Eric (Alexander Skarsgard) to bodyguard Sookie because Bill’s (Stephen Moyer) been kidnapped and Sookie believes that werewolves have some information to his whereabouts. So Alcide is brought in after his father’s death to escort Sookie into the underground society of werewolves.

Are the two of them going to get romantic?

All I can say is that bonding happens. They bond.

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Leonard Nemoy is so damn cool. Don’t ya think?

Are you looking forward to seeing Joe Manganiello’s acting chops in season 3 of True Blood?