Staff at OBS are, of course, Vampire Diaries fans and we are very excited that tonight will be a brand new episode (finally!) called ‘Bloodlines’.

Here is the official synopsis:

STEFAN UNCOVERS A STARTLING CLUE TO THE PAST. Damon takes a trip to Georgia, where he surprises an old flame, Bree and enlists her help to figure out how to open the tomb. In the process, Damon comes face to face with someone who is determined to make him pay for past wrongs. Stefan opens up to Grams in his effort to help Bonnie overcome her fears and accept her powers. While researching his history paper in the public library, Jeremy meets a cute-but-geeky girl named Anna who has her own theories on the folklore of Mystic Falls. When Damon returns from Georgia, Stefan is waiting with news that will change their world.

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