Right now, Chris Weitz’s on crunch time, working the fastest he’s ever worked to hit his deadlines to have the film ready for release this November. “We’re kind of moving at light speed, but still trying to deliver something that’s very elegant and beautiful,” Weitz says.

Q. How did you approach your vision of the Volturi?
Weitz: You start to think, well, they’ve been around for 2,000 years. How would they live? How would they interact with one another? The conclusion really was that after 2,000 years, you would probably be more than mildly insane, no matter how cultured or gracious you appear on the surface. I think that’s what Michael Sheen really managed to convey in portraying Aro, the head of the Volturi. And it’s also what Dakota conveys as Jane. In appearance, she’s a very innocent, harmless looking teenager, but she’s absolutely deadly.

Q. During the three-way-date scene, Bella, Mike and Jacob see a movie called Face Punch. How’d you get the name for that?
Weitz: I submitted a list of 10 to Summit’s lawyers and they had to see which ones they could go and clear. Face Punch was one of two and I chose that over Kill Hunt. So now someone can actually go and make Kill Hunt, but Face Punch is ours.

Q. What was your favorite scene to film?
Weitz: The stuff that was shot in Montepulciano. It is the high point of the movie, when Bella goes to try to stop Edward from killing himself. We had 1,000 extras in this medieval town square in Tuscany in the most beautiful country on earth. It’s just such an extraordinary opportunity to get to work there. And it was also kind of surreal, there was this kind of weird Beatlemania going on in this very small, beautiful hill town. It was incredibly gratifying – people would applaud after every single take, whether or not we had screwed it up.

Q. Fans are already saying they want you to return to direct Breaking Dawn. What do you think of that?
Weitz: I think it’s really charming that not having seen New Moon people would be enthusiastic about me wanting to do Breaking Dawn. I think the proof is in the pudding and they should see New Moon before they decide they want me to do anything else to do with their series, but I would hope to earn that kind of rumor.

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I love the part about the horse-sized wolves and the special effects and of course the news about the soundtrack. And Chris is so nice about the fans (“the fans are tremendously supportive and very kind”), it seems he really loves them. Of course I’m so glad to hear this about the prosposal: “It hasn’t been cut out.” But, Chris … we really want you back for the 4th movie – I’d also love if you could do ALL movies (again) – because I really love the way you are doing things and I trust you in making the series perfect.

What do you think about this new interview of ‘New Moon’ director Chris Weitz? Do you enjoy it? Do you want him back for ‘Breaking Dawn’?