If the wait for the next movie in the ‘Twilight Saga’ feels interminable, join the club. To bridge the gap between now and the ‘New Moon’ release in November, we spoke to actress Justine Wachsberger, who plays Gianna, a human who willingly works for deadly vampires. Wachsberger, who will also appear in Summit’s ‘Sorority Row,’ told us how it felt to experience her big break among Volturi vampires, why her character has such a dangerous occupation, and whether Robert Pattinson’s abs are really that ripped.

So this is a big year for you – cast in ‘Sorority Row’ and the sequel to that little “Twilight’ movie.

“I know! Pretty exciting.”

What were you doing before getting these roles?

“Before this, I was in school at USC. So I didn’t do much acting before this, beside acting classes. I was taking classes forever, and obviously, I started auditioning about a year ago.”

“It was very exciting because [New Moon] was such a big audition and I knew that there was such a buzz around the upcoming ‘Twilight Saga’ movies, but it was just a regular audition.”

Did you realize how huge the franchise was when you signed on?

“I already knew – I went to see ‘Twilight,’ and I do sometimes read Us Weekly and the tabloids, and realized it was such a big deal to be in this movie.”

Did anything surprise you about filming ‘New Moon’?

“I thought it would be harder to be on set, just because of the buzz and the fact that all these actors started as unknown and became so big – not all of them, but the majority. I thought I would arrive on set and kind of be an outsider and not really fit in. On the contrary, everyone was really nice, really down the Earth. It was a very friendly atmosphere. I was a little stressed out at the beginning, like ‘I’m getting to Vancouver on set, what is it going to be like?’ It was actually a really good surprise.”

Who was the most fascinating to see in action?

“I love Dakota Fanning. I’ve always been a big fan. A very talented actress at such a young age.”

We’ve seen a crazy rumor floating around that Robert Pattinson is not quite as fit as he appears – that his abs are painted on. Can you deny that one, for the record?

“His stomach is definitely his stomach. I don’t think it’s painted on. Not that I heard of, at least! He has a pretty nice stomach.”

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I gotta laugh out loud at all the speculation over Rob’s abs! Of course they are nice…they’re HIS! <3

How did you envision Gianna?

Was Justine a good choice for the role?