TV Guide Interviews J.J. Abrams Tell me why you think your TV shows have connected with audiences. What’s the secret J.J. Abrams ingredient?
J.J. Abrams: I try to work on shows that I would want to watch. It’s really something I don’t know if I can quantify and probably wouldn’t want to, but I can say you know it when you see it. It’s like finding the person you want to marry. I guess I could say things like characters you relate to, situations that are extraordinary, you can say the obvious dumb stuff, but at the end of the day you either feel like, oooh, that’s something, or you don’t. Almost every one of your shows has had a strong female protagonist. Why is that? Should we be to the point where people like me stop asking that question?

It’s a funny thing. I don’t try and write strong female characters or strong male characters, I just try and write, hopefully, strong characters and sometimes they happen to be female. I don’t know why the question doesn’t come up about men as well. While Alias was definitely about a woman, I don’t think that question would’ve come up had it been about a man.

Also, I have a mother who was a lawyer, author and producer, and she’s a very strong woman, and my wife is incredibly political and socially active and she’s far stronger and smarter than I’ll ever be. I seem to have surrounded myself over the years with women who are outspoken and inspirationally strong and I do feel like that’s something that I’m sometimes more drawn to, because it’s a combination of strength and vulnerability that is a little easier to access with female characters than male characters.


CBS hears ‘Murmurs’

CBS is hearing “Murmurs,” teaming with writer Jason Smilovic and producer Elaine Goldsmith-Thomas for the time-travel drama.

The project, from CBS Studios, is set in a world where time travel is a reality and centers on the Commission, an agency that detects and corrects alterations in time called murmurs, ensuring that history remains unchanged.

“Murmurs,” which has received a script commitment, was conceived by Smilovic, Goldsmith-Thomas and Smilovic’s producing partner, Tyler Mitchell.


Smallville, Heroes and Fringe? They just might survive

Just after the fall television season started, we begin agonizing over the fates some of our favorite shows. Considering that at one time NBC’s Heroes garnered more than 16 million viewers, the CW’s Smallville more than 8 million, and Fox’s Fringe more than 13 million, this year’s numbers were startling and terrible, not to mention being at an all-time low!

According to and other media ratings analysts, things might not be as grim as they appear at first glance. In fact, according to that site, Smallville and V are looking likely to get picked up, while Fringe, Heroes and FlashForward are on the bubble, with FlashForward in the most danger right now.

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Can’t wait for Chuck? Check out this 6-minute season 3 preview!

Seems like it’s been forever since the season-two finale of Chuck, doesn’t it? Well, if you can’t wait another second to see your favorite Nerd Herder, click through to see a 6-minute preview of season three.

Spoiler warning: This video recaps season two, so if you are unaware of Intersect 2.0, then don’t watch this video! (Go get the DVD on Jan. 5 and catch up to the rest of us!) Also: Stop reading this article.

Highlights include: Chuck speaking Thai, Chuck playing the guitar, Chuck being a real spy, Chuck as Charles Carmichael and a few great shots of the lovely Sarah Walker in … very small clothes.

Season three guest stars include: Angie Harmon, Stone Cold Steve Austin, Brandon Routh, Armand Assante and Kristin Kreuk.

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I love JJ Abrams work. Each new show he comes out with just bowls me over. That man is a genius. What do you think?

Murmurs sounds promising. Would you watch it?

I would be really surprised if Heroes, Smallville and Fringe survive. I hope they do though.