Never Enough

Meet Me in Montana, Book #1

By Kelly Elliott

ISBN#  9781542018791

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Lincoln Pratt is looking for a new start far away from Atlanta and her overbearing parents!  A job opening in Montana seems like the perfect opportunity!  She sells her business and buys a house in beautiful mountain country!  She just never expected the previous owner of the house to be so surly or sexy!

Champion bull rider, Brock Shaw, can’t stand the memories his old house brings.  It reminds him of his former wife, Kaci, and how he failed her.  He carries the guilt of their troubled marriage and her death on his shoulders.  And, he vowed to never let another woman into his heart.  Instead, he focuses on his little boy, Blayze, and his PBR career.

However, Brock and Lincoln feel an instant connection that neither of them can fight.  But can Brock let go of the ghosts from his past so he can finally build a future? 

This is the first book I’ve read from this author and I did enjoy it.  I liked Brock, and his whole family, really.  Although he could be a bit of a jerk, at times, especially when Lincoln first arrived.  But he has some really great qualities too that make up for his shortcomings.

I thought Lincoln was a strong female lead.  She was brave enough to give up the life she knew to strike out for a new life on her own.   On her own terms.  And, when Brock pushed her away, I liked that she didn’t give in to him and didn’t chase after him.  She’s independent enough to stand on her own.

Blayze was sweet, but at times I felt he talked to babyish for a five-year old.  I like how he broadcast everyone’s business to anybody who would listen!

“I wondered when Blayze would speak up, and he didn’t disappoint.

“I think Miss Kaylee swallowed her salad all wrong when I told her you had a crush on her. I know you said I’d have to walk to Billings if I didn’t stop singing my song, but we’re here now, so I want to sing it for her too.

The entire table stilled–well, with the exception of Kaylee, who was groaning.

Ty stared at his nephew. “I do not have a crush on Kaylee, Blayze. We already went over this. And you’ll walk back home if you start that song.”

There were a lot of interesting characters in this book that I hope will eventually have books of their own.  Namely Brock’s brothers Ty & Tanner and his best friend, Dirk.  They all seem to be playboys so it’ll be fun seeing someone rope them in and settle them down.  I suspect Ty is next with his connection to Lincoln’s best friend, Kaylee.

This was a good start to a new series and I look forward to reading more from the Shaw brothers!

“I have never been so happy in my life, Lincoln. Thank you.”

I placed my hand on the side of his face and returned his smile. “For what?”

“For saving me from the darkness. You’re the light I didn’t even know I was searching for.”