Never Ceese by Sue Dent
Chapter 7 by Dawn

Dinner is ready – Mama, Richard and Ceese sit down to eat and observe that Ceese has atrocious table manners. After dinner Mama insists that Ceese needs to take a bath.

Richard waits in Mama’s room. He has noticed how much younger Mama looks since Ceese came. He asks if Ceese has healed her and somehow Ceese has helped Mama regain some of her youth.

Question for consideration:

What did you make of the fact that both the Vampire and Werewolf eat “regular” food?

What did you think of Ceese’s recounting of what happened to her brother Richard?

How do you think (not being able to help her brother as a young child) affected Ceese?

Is there something you noticed in this chapter that you’d like to discuss with the book club?

What is your favorite quote from this chapter?

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