Never Ceese by Sue Dent
Chapter 3 by Dawn

In this chapter, we are back with the wolf turned human as she finds clothing. As she does so, she recalls her father dressing her as a young child. She is headed toward a castle and a woman she is supposed to meet, an old woman named Penny.

Finally, we know the name of our wolf – Ceese, which is short for Cecilia Collette Porter of Port Hampton Wales, she was born in 1802.

Penny believes herself to be responsible for Ceese being a wolf. Ceese left years before to roam the woods to protect Penny from herself.

Questions for consideration:

What did you think of the reaction Richard had to Ceese?

What did you make of Ceese’s ability to mentally harm Richard and communicate with him telepathically?

Richard is burned by sunlight and must sleep during the day. Do you prefer vampires to have a more traditional role, as Richard does?

Is there something you noticed in this chapter that you’d like to discuss with the book club?

What is your favorite quote from this chapter?

Did you notice any foreshadowing in this chapter?

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