Never Ceese by Sue Dent
Chapter 23 by Angela
Edited by Krystal & Rose

Rodney finds the payphone he was looking for and rushes toward it. Richard leans against a brick wall until a small bat swoops down and settles on him and he smacks it away. Ceese notices this stares at him. Richard tries to explain how there would be more if he did not feed soon and Ceese tries to understand how 20 or so small bats would be an issue, but Richard quickly clarifies that he is talking about hundreds. Desperate to help, Ceese peers out of the alley and asks what B-A-N-K spells. Richard informs her that this is not the time for a reading lesson, but she rebuts that he might be interested in this particular bank because to her it said ‘Blood Bank’. Richard immediately runs to her side to see for himself and sure enough it was such a bank.

Questions for consideration:

Where you shocked that Ceese could misunderstand so much that she would push Richard into moving traffic just to get him blood?

What do you think of Ceese’s ability to give Richard a heartbeat just by touching his skin? Looks like she has more powers.

Did you notice anything in the chapter that you want to discuss with the book club?

What is your favorite quotes from this Chapter?

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